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Why Men Love Women with a Bigger Breast Size: Natural Male Instincts

Let’s face it, having a naturally looking bigger breast size gives most women more confidence. Due to the media and unrealistic expectations of what women are supposed to look like, many women look for help, such as in those bigger breast pills advertised online and in magazines.

Some women feel so insecure, they’ll resort to methods like bigger breast massage techniques, or bigger breast exercises, which may be done in vain. What works for some women many not work for others, so although a bigger breast workout may help one lady, it may not help everyone.

Keep reading to find out more about some breast enhancement methods and ways to get bigger breasts without surgery, too.

Big Breasted Women in Today’s Society

Many women are unhappy with their breast size. No thanks to our modern society that seems to be overly-fixated on outward appearances, those who have an ample bosom often enjoy the following advantages over those with small ones:

  • Confidence
  • Security
  • Attention
  • Job advantages
  • More romantic opportunities

The list goes on. For many women it’s the cycle of life that literally shrinks their natural cup size. When many women breastfeed, they wind up losing their boobs; which are made of fat. And of course there’s the inevitable downside of aging, the dreaded menopause. For many women, this is a phase in life where body parts start drooping, and you’re helpless to stop it.

Natural Ways to Firm Your Breasts and Make Them Appear Fuller

The fact is, you can take action to improve your breast appearance and size by eating healthier, exercising to prevent the loss of skin elasticity, massaging, moisturizing and practicing proper skin care. You could try a breast enhancement cream or oil, such as applying a natural product like those from, where they claim their product is like a breast lift, but involving natural, safe and highly effective phytoestrogens.

lift and firm up your breastThey naturally mimic estrogen to help lift and firm up your breast tissue without any invasive procedures. Aside from this, there are more than a few non-conventional strategies to enhance your breast size. Pumps and other breast enlargement equipment can damage your breast tissues, so proceed with caution.

When it comes to the intrinsic male makeup, the raw male instinct, it’s interesting investigating theories on why so many men are infatuated with female breasts. Perhaps some of this knowledge can help unlock the mysteries behind why so many men lean toward larger breasted women.

Psychology Behind the Bigger Breast

Psychology Today experts have new research that sheds light onto why men have set preferences. Some gentlemen prefer the female butt, and others like nice cleavage. Recent studies suggest what drives men to like have their programmed preference.

The psychology behind one study is the size of the breast may be suggestive of the overall body fat percentage of a woman. When it comes to evolution and survival, the fittest of the fit win. This was interlinked with men and their resource security; whether or not they have material possessions.

socioeconomic groupStudy participants were divided into three groups; low, medium, and high socioeconomic status. Each man was shown pictures of a variety of womanly figures and asked to rate them on a scale of one to five. Results showed the lower socioeconomic group liked bigger breasts and more prosperous men didn’t care so much.

Another research study used hunger as the variable. Half the guys were hungry and half were full. Researchers were looking at whether or not food security played a role in breast size preference. The results showed hungry boys liked bigger boobs more than the satiated group.

This second study was based on the physical ability of a women to have and care for children; linked to her levels of estradiol, smaller hip-to-waste ratio and breast size. These are all factors that increase a woman’s natural ability to procreate.

It makes sense that men who are less likely to be fathers find larger breasts less appealing. And to test this, researchers asked a group of students to indicate their desire to be a father. They were then instructed to manipulate a woman’s figure to create their dream woman. The experts successfully fulfilled their expectations.

Men that didn’t want children liked smaller breasted women and the men that wanted to become fathers preferred the bigger breasts. When it comes to breast size, it seems there is a scientific connection.

Scientific Facts About Breasts Straight Up

studiesThere have been many bizarre studies conducted on our worldly fascination with the breast. These scientific studies are questionable in nature but interesting nonetheless.

1. Squeezing breasts may deter cancer – Studies have shown that men who squeeze breasts may help prevent cancer. The theory behind this is the constant physical pressure on the breast tissue can help stop cancer from spreading. The squeeze could stop free radical cells from turning malignant.

2. Women with breast implants are three times more likely to attempt suicide – Ironically this number one cosmetic surgery in the United States that is supposed to boost self-esteem is actually increasing the odds of suicide.

Breast Fetishism and Facts

According to Ask Men, having a breast fetish is considered a psychiatric disorder.

1. Breast fetishism is a psychiatric disorder. Having a fetish is defined loosely as “using nonliving or sexual objects or a part or whole person’s body in order to attain sexual pleasure.” Guys love breasts and the reality is most men are suffering, or not, from this disorder.

2. Stats say the left is a bigger breast. There’s no such thing as perfectly symmetrical breasts. One will always be bigger than the other and it just so happens it’s usually the left one.

treatment drugs3. Surprise – Men can lactate too. The good news is this is rare and normally evident in guys that are fooling around with growth hormones or taking specific cancer treatment drugs.

4. Orgasm is possible with breast stimulation. Experts report up to one percent of the women can reach orgasm solely from nipple stimulation. An interesting angle into the wildly fascinating world of a woman’s orgasm.

How Can Women Increase Their Bust with Home Remedies?

Just as no two women are the same, the breast size varies greatly. Some bust sizes seem to fit a woman’s figure perfectly, and others not so much. Many insecurities stem from breasts that are bigger, and breasts that are smaller. If they are too small, there may be insecurity attached.

Larger breasted women may feel like a sexual object because guys seem to talk to their breasts instead of the woman’s face. Breast enhancement surgery or breast reduction surgery are some options for women to be happier with their breasts; however, they come with a huge price tag and potential for long-term side effects.

How to Get Bigger Breasts Naturally Fast Sans the Knife

Here is how to get bigger breasts naturally and fast without having to undergo cosmetic surgery:

massaging your breasts1. Routine massaging – Professionals suggest massaging your breasts for 30 minutes each day will increase their size by up to one cup. The massage increase circulation and the level of phytoestrogens within your bloodstream; the hormones associated with breast growth. By stimulating prolactin, you will enlarge your breasts.

2. Exercises – Specific exercises like swinging arms, wall presses, and push-ups, naturally help to enhance breast size when they are done routinely.

3. House Chores – This is where technology doesn’t help in the breast department. Lack of healthy exercise around the house won’t help you increase breast size. By making a point of manually doing the vacuuming and floors, you’ll work to naturally increase your top size.

4. Estrogen Foods – Your breast size is influenced significantly with specific hormones in your body. Testosterone, a predominantly male hormone, interferes with breath growth and lack of estrogen also results in smaller breasts. Natural source estrogen food includes chicken head soup, eggs, seeds, fruits, veggies, and soy products.

avocado5. Choose Non-Saturated Fat – Increasing the amount of healthy fat you consume will also boost your bust size. Just steer clear of unhealthy saturated and Trans fat that triggers health issues. Non-saturated fats include avocado, nuts, fatty fish, almonds, olives and olive oil, eggs, and peanut butter.

6. Radishes – Interestingly, radishes are a natural breast enhancer with astringent properties that aid to increase circulation to your tissues. This of course will help you enlarge your bigger breast size naturally.

7. Amino Acids – Along with increasing your cup size, essential amino acids boost your metabolism and target increased fat loss. They also mimic the growth hormone necessary for bigger breasts.

8. Vitamins – Vitamins A, C, E, and B6, all contribute to larger breasts, along with supporting healthy cells, deterring free radicals from creating disease, and optimizing internal body function.

9. Clothing – There are some clothes that make your top look smaller and other clothing items that give you a boost. If you are flatter chested try using padded bras, draped shirts, and other items that make your breasts look a little larger than life.

Breasts: Fact or Fiction?

your boobsSeparating fact from fiction isn’t always easy, particularly when it comes to breasts. Rumors fly like crazy online and understanding what is truth and what isn’t, helps to give you the information you need to make better decisions concerning your boobs.

1. If you wear a bra to sleep you will get breast cancer. This is false. In the mid-1990’s, a rumor was started that tight underwire bras caused cancer because they constricted blood flow. There’s no scientific evidence to prove it.

2. Wearing a bra to bed keeps them high and perky. This sounds logical but according to experts at Shape, that just isn’t true. Wearing the right fitting bra is much more important because that gives the support you need.

3. You will flatten your chest wearing a bra. Unless you are wearing a corset that won’t let you get any air, you aren’t going to shrink your bust with a bra.

4. If you wear a bra to bed you will get saggy boobs. Another one that just isn’t true. Bras don’t weaken your breast tissue; they support it.

A Few More Wacky Reasons Men Love Curvaceous Women with a Bigger Breast Size

his eyesIt’s common fact that when a man is talking to a woman it’s natural for his eyes to drift south, according to the Huffington Post. There is definitely a biological factor to all this. Although men are the only mammals that we know of fascinated with breasts in a sexual way.

Growing larger breasts at puberty doesn’t happen to any other mammals and there aren’t any other mammals that “play” with them during sexual activity. The nipples are loaded with nerve endings, which makes it pleasurable to have them stimulated for many women.

You don’t have to look to far so see our society is infatuated with breasts. Websites, magazines, television, and radio, are loaded with them. Experts say it’s not just curiosity, it’s intrinsically programmed and biological.

For example, delayed gratification studies were conducted in one study and when it comes to money, guys prefer a lower payout if they are viewing pictures of bouncing breasts, compared to the boys that get to watch church videos.

This shows parts of the brain associated with reward and pleasure gets re-wired when bigger breast size comes into play. It’s the neurochemicals dancing around the brain that are triggered and motivated to drive men when they think about breasts.

sexual intercourse from behindAnother theory is derived from the idea most primates engage in sexual intercourse from behind; just think dogs and cows. Some experts argue the breasts in women became larger, so they look like the rear. Even with seemingly illogical theories there’s usually a grain of truth to them.

Hands down the most predominate theory is the one relating the chemical brain function with the inevitable mother-infant bond. After a baby is born the breasts are in for some major changes. Internally the signals are sent out to increase the oxytocin production, responsible for milk production, and the breasts become engorged and swollen with milk in order to feed the baby.

Along with this, the chemicals released alert attention from the infant toward it’s mother and the “feel good feeling” is learned. The baby understands that after they drink they will feel pleasure and this reward system ensures they continue to want their nutrition source and the safety bond attachment with mom. This is a beautiful process created from pure instinct and the natural wonders of the body.

When the breasts are stimulated in any way, this triggers thoughts of that precious and powerful emotional bond as an infant, driving endorphin release and the search for that feel good feeling again.

Logical Reasons Against Surgical Breast Enhancement

surgical procedureWith any surgical procedure there are risks. Many women think having breast surgery is the easy way to get bigger breasts, but fail to consider the following consequences of their actions:

1. You will need more than one surgery. More than 25 percent of women need another breast surgery after approximately 10 years. Some implants leak over time, which means shape is lost. Losing weight or getting pregnant are another factors for additional surgeries.

2. It is not cheap. You can expect to pay over five thousand dollars for the surgery. Of course this depends on your doctor and specific situation.

3. Recovery time can be long. Expect at least a week of reduced activity in order to recover from bigger breast surgery. This doesn’t mean on day eight you’ll be back to normal. But after a week of rest you will start to feel like your old self. Healing takes time and patience.

4. Implants feel differently. Silicone does feel similar to breast tissue but it’s not the same thing. The bigger the breast to start the less likely you’ll notice the difference. However, if you start with very small breasts the difference to the touch will be quite noticeable.

boob job5. The wrong size can happen. Getting a boob job isn’t like trying on pants. You can’t just trade them in for another size, at least not without major risk. The stress of choosing what size and shape suits you best isn’t easy.

6. You can’t go drastic. It’s important to understand you can’t go from a small B cup to a FF cup in one surgery. Which means you are either going to have to work out the details with your surgeon to plan numerous surgeries to reach your goal, or you’re going to have to settle.

7. There could be possible breastfeeding issues. There is the risk with this surgery that you may have complications trying to breastfeed in the future. During the procedure there is a small risk your minor ducts could have been damaged, impairing your ability to breastfeed.

8. Numbness may occur in the nipple area. Some patients report little or no feeling in their nipples after the procedure. They will still respond to hot and cold, you just won’t feel it.

9. Not good if you are overweight, smoke, or have a history of breast cancer. With any of these features you increase your risk of surgical complications. A full evaluation will make it clear whether or not the risks are worth the reward or not.

your surgeon10. Be sure to qualify your surgeon. Don’t just assume the surgeon you choose is qualified to perform the surgery. Some surgeons are not qualified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Others are certified but not under the credentials you need to increase your odds of a successful outcome. Do your research first.

11. Silicone or saline? You will need to choose between silicone or saline breast implants. There are pros and cons to each and most women opt for silicone. A tough decision and a bit of a gamble.

12. Shifting fat can be an issue. A new technological to complicate your options is to transfer fat from other parts of your body to your breasts. A difficult process that very few people are candidates for.

13. The areola reduction factor. For some women, they may need an areola reduction in order for their new breasts to at least look more natural. One more step to the process, opening up more doors for complications.

14. No exercise afterwards. Any cardio activity is strictly prohibited for about twelve weeks after surgery. A huge issue to deal with for active fit women.

Final Words

A biggest breast size is always going to something guys lean towards. Women are going to want to be larger to make themselves and their man happy. Consider all your options before you take any action. Talk to your doctor. Knowing deep down sticking with the natural route first is always your best choice.