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Top Bra Brands That Work Wonders for Breast Enhancement

different bra brandsThere are so many ways to enhance your breasts. While some of these may require you to try on different bra brands, others will require you to try out various creams and supplements that are available in the market nowadays. There is no such thing as one bra type that fits all. You need to try on a few of them before you buy them. Similarly, you need to try out a few creams or supplements, before you can find what works best for you.

There are many brands to choose from when you are shopping around for a bra; however, not all of them may fit you properly. While some of these bra brands can help enhance your breasts and they are known to just about everybody, others are relatively lesser known and may need a small introduction. Nonetheless, they should be able to enhance your breasts, and can also help you feel comfortable in them.

In this article, we will have a look at various bra brands which you can consider for your needs. In addition to the brands, we will also talk about various options available, such as creams and supplements that can help you in enhancing your breasts naturally and beautifully. Don’t forget to read our tip number 10.

Let’s start with ways that help enhance your breasts, using bras, as well as supplements:

1. Hanes – For the Comfort You Need in Your Bra

This U.S.-based company has been developing apparel for both men and women since 1901. Since then, they have developed different kinds of bras for women who have different body types. The thing that separates Hanes from other brands is their high level of craftsmanship and the good quality of fabric they use. Whether you need lace bras, sheer bras or sports bras, Hanes manufactures all of them.

Why should you consider Hanes for your bra? Here’s some reasons why:

  • Whether you are looking for a sports bra or a classic bra, Hanes has all of them. These bras are not just comfortable and durable, they are also affordable.
  • Hanes bras are popular to provide the perfect breast coverage and support levels.
  • Hanes has been in the business of providing intimate apparel and have been operating worldwide for the past several decades. When choosing a bra, you will not find a more reliable and caring brand than Hanes.

2. Curvy Kate – The Creator of Your Structural Masterpieces

lingerieThis lingerie company is UK-based and was launched by manufacturers in 2009. In a short amount of time, Curvy Kate has made a mark of its own and has the distinction of producing bras of different sizes, which can extend from D to a K cup. Furthermore, these structural masterpieces are available to you in different styles, like the Luxe Multiway bra, the Balcony Princess bra and more.

Do you want to know how you can get extra comfort? Find out below:

  • Curvy Kate may be a new brand; however, it has made a mark of its own by producing bras that are comfortable and elegant. A lot of credit for this has to go to the materials that are used in making them.
  • To get the comfort you are looking for in a bra, you need to find the right size. This is what you can expect from Curvy Kate. You are sure to find a bra matching your requirements, irrespective of your frame, height and size.

3. Calvin Klein – A One of a Kind Bra Just for You

United StatesCalvin Klein is one of the United States’ top-rated fashion brands that produce different types of apparels, including bras. Since they are one of the best bra brands in the country, you can easily expect to wear sexy and trendy bras from Calvin Klein.

Whilst providing a wide range of items, the company is also famous for providing comfort and a perfect fit for women of all sizes. Many young women have taken a special liking to Calvin Klein’s Push Up and Demi Cup variations, owing to their versatility to be worn with revealing clothes.

How can Calvin Klein be the ultimate choice for you? Read on

  • Calvin Klein bras are highly popular among women because of their seamless edges and smooth lines. When choosing one, you are sure to feel comfortable.
  • Regardless what the requirements are, Calvin Klein has bras to meet them. The choices of bras are amazing.
  • All the bras developed by Calvin Klein are machine-washable and durable. Just make sure to purchase some of these bras during a sale season. You will definitely not be disappointed.

4. Victoria’s Secret – This Is No Secret Anymore

make you feel sexyNo bra brands list will be complete if it does not contain Victoria’s Secret items in it. The uncanny knack of the brand in providing sultry pieces that can make you feel sexy, while providing you with adequate comfort and support without any compromises.

Even those of you who have small breasts can wear an A cup and look tantalizingly hot in a matter of minutes. Being one of the leading brands of bras in the United States, Victoria’s Secret can guarantee you of providing affordable and stylish bras that will make you feel no less than a supermodel.

Do you want to know the secret behind Victoria’s Secret? Here are some insights:

  • Victoria’s Secret has been providing a wide range of bras, all of which have been popular among women for their style and quality.
  • The fabrics and colors that manufacturers use in making bras and lingerie make them special. The combinations used by Victoria’s Secret for their lingerie are unmatched.
  • The quality of workmanship and technology that goes into making each bra is amazing and is responsible for their overall success.

5. Wonderbra – It Offers Many Things to Wonder About When It Comes to Bra Benefits

Photo by Mattnad / CC BY-SA

It is impossible that you have not heard of this bra band. After all, it has been extremely widespread all across the globe, apart from its country of origin, the United States. Besides the quality and affordability of bras that it has to offer, Wonderbra has plenty of options available for you.

For example, if you want to create instant sex appeal, then consider wearing a push-up from Wonderbra. It will not only boost up your cleavage but also make you feel comfortable in it while providing added support.

Are you curious to know the benefits of wearing a Wonderbra? If so, read on:

  • Wonderbras are truly innovative and reliable. You can easily find one for any occasion.
  • The stretch fabric used in making these bras is of special and high quality, designed to be useful to you for a long time.
  • Wonderbras are also among the world’s leading and most current nursing bra brands. Their one-handed clasp for feeding has been quite popular with users.
  • For those looking for breast enhancement, these bras do not present any risk complications or adjustment in lifestyle.
  • No extra equipment is required and there are no extra expenses involved, either. A majority of wonderbras are affordable.

6. DKNY – One of the Top Bra Brands Out There

Photo by Joanne Saige Lee / CC BY

With its wide range of classic bras and polished basics, DKNY is easily one of the top bra brands in the world at the moment. As women seek to be stylish for any occasion, DKNY offers hundreds of styles to choose from.

Whether you need a demi-bra or wire-free one, a convertible bra or push-up one, a lace T-back bra or bandeau, DKNY provides it all. As retailers have priced most of these bras moderately, you need to stock them up whenever there is a sale.

Why are DKNY bras special? Here’s why:

  • If you want to reflect the lifestyle and attitude through your lingerie, then there is no better brand than DKNY to try out with. Being a popular and evergreen apparel line, DKNY bras are what you need to give yourself an urban feel.
  • For a younger demographic, DKNY bras provide cutting edge fabrics, wilder styles and colors to add to the excitement and style.
  • DKNY bras are exceptionally comfortable and casual. They normally include simple styles and soft cotton. Whether you are a traditional customer or one with a modern style, these bras are a perfect match for you.

7. La Perla – Your One-Stop Brand for All Bra Needs

qualityIf you are brand conscious and looking to have lingerie and bras that match the quality and comfort levels of Victoria’s Secret, then look no further than La Perla. One of the popular bra brands online, La Perla has bras in different vibrant colors, from bold red to black and many other colors. Though these bras are rather highly-priced, their construction, comfort, durability and quality make them well worth it.

Here are the top reasons why you may want to wear a La Perla bra:

  • For a woman looking for absolute style and comfort, La Perla is the bra to try. That’s not all; these bras also provide you with the extra support that women want in lingerie.
  • La Perla bras are made of soft fabrics, which make them safe for your skin and you will not feel extra lumps when wearing them.
  • La Perla bras are durable and long-lasting, which helps you save a lot of money.

8. Chantelle – A Bra for Every Occasion

FrenchThis popular French brand has been in the business of making intimate apparel for over 130 years. Chantelle provide bras of different varieties – from classic to seductive, to seamless and much more.

Also, it does not matter which personality, mood, height, weight or size you have, Chantelle has different styles of bras lined up for you. A perfect combination of comfort, style and French elegance can be seen in every bra produced by this brand for you.

Chantelle bras are special for the following reasons:

  • Experts have designed and developed Chantelle bras in such a way that every woman trying them out is adequately supported and feels good without having to deal with any constrictions. It does not matter what your body type or figure is, there is a bra for everyone with Chantelle.
  • Chantelle also caters for full-breasted women by offering a wide range of bras that can extend up to an H cup.

9. Fantasie – Bras That are Incredible, But True

fuller-busted womenFor fuller-busted women, getting a bra that meets their comfort level is not easy; however, Fantasie is one brand you can trust, for they provide comfortable and beautiful bras for full-figured women of all age groups.

You particularly need to watch out for their seamless cup, full-cup and underwire varieties, as they are among the best you can find in the market. Fantasie bra brand provide bras in a different range of sizes, from 30D to 40G, across different price ranges.

Here’s how can you reap the benefits by wearing Fantasie bras:

  • Fantasie is one industry’s leaders, as they have been producing incredible lingerie for the past 70 years. When you choose a Fantasie bra, you know you have chosen a product whose timeless fit is unmatched.
  • For women with fuller cup sizes, Fantasie provides cup sizes in many different styles.
  • All the styles of Fantasie bras are supportive and smooth, with the sizes going up to a K cup size and a 42 band.
  • Popular styles include convertible, balconette, strapless and smoothing.

10. Small Things Can Work Miracles – Find Out the Secret

Breast enhancement pills may be small, but they are effective. Most of the well-known supplement pills you see on the market contain herbal ingredients, including Dong Quai, fenugreek, damiana, fennel, Mexican wild yam, blessed thistle and saw palmetto. Though the results seen through pills are slow, most of them can help enhance your breasts to a considerable level.

Breast enhancement pillsThis is how pills work, as well as their benefits:

  • The reaction created by breast enhancement pills are quite similar to the ones that occur when one reaches puberty or when the breast tissues start growing. These pills start releasing estrogen that is particularly helpful for stimulating the tissues from inside by bringing about hormonal changes.
  • Though the results are slowly visible, pills have fewer side effects, are priced cheaply and pose little to no health risks. If you are planning to buy pills to enhance your breasts, make sure you choose the ones that provide noticeable results with fewer side-effects. Go through the ingredients before you make your final purchase.

11. Another Option for Breast Enhancement: Creams and Lotions

creamsThough creams and lotions can help enhance your breasts to a certain degree, you need to use them with regular exercises and pills to see the results quickly. Interestingly, creams and lotions work pretty much the way as pills do. For example, they normally contain mild chemicals, along with a combination of various herbs that help stimulate the fat cells in your breasts.

These are the benefits of using creams and lotions:

  • No Side Effects: If you are one of those women who want an enhanced pair of breasts without ever having to deal with side effects, then consider creams or lotions. As most of these products contain natural herbs and chemicals that are safe to use, you can be sure of not dealing with problems in using them.
  • Cost-Effective: Given that most creams and lotions available in the market today cost you only a fraction of what you would pay when going under the knife, it is a viable option to use creams and lotions.
  • Availability: It should not be tough for you to find a cream or lotion of your choice today. Besides your neighborhood store, you can also browse online shops that sell these products in different variants. Again, make certain that product you choose contain natural and herbal products that you can use for longer.

12. Keep Moving to Stimulate the Growth of Your Twins

ExercisesExercises are perhaps the most natural and cost-effective methods to enhance your breasts. However, you need to approach this in a dedicated way to see the desired results. It is only when you exercise regularly that you will see the results after a while. One of the proven exercise forms for enhancing your breasts is by doing push-ups.

If you interested in knowing the right way to do push-ups, here are some details:

  • First, you need to lie down on your stomach. Make sure the place you are doing your pushups on is flat for plenty of support.
  • Bend both knees and cross your ankles.
  • Bend your elbows while making sure to keep your palms are in line with your shoulders.
  • Balance your body on your palms while keeping your ankles crossed and raise your elbows. Just make sure that you don’t end up straightening your elbows, or you may risk damaging your joints.
  • Slowly lower your body while making sure you do not lie down.
  • Repeat the above steps at least 10 times. You may consider increasing the count once you feel comfortable with the process and gain some strength.

13. Try Breast Massage: It Brings You a Host of Benefits

Breast massage is one of the traditional techniques to keep your breasts perky and fuller. Massaging your breasts increase the flow of blood and make the breast tissues taut. Breast massage also helps avert breast cancer, lessen the pain of premenstrual symptoms, and the lowers the incidence of cysts.

massageBesides, massaging your breasts regularly will offer firmer, shapely and toner breasts. You can easily massage your breasts at home. The best part is that it does not cost you anything. You just need to find the effective breast massage oil or cream to massage your twins.

Are you wondering how to massage your breasts? Simply follow these steps:

  • Use a warm towel and dry your breast area.
  • Apply a thin layer of massage oil or breast enlargement cream in the area surrounding your breasts.
  • Working on one breast at a time, gently move the breast upwards and then inwards from the side.
  • In the last step, use your fingers to move around your breasts in a clockwise direction in a circular motion.

14. Eat Healthy – Your Recipe for Bigger Breasts

healthy foodsYou can even have enhanced breasts by eating healthy foods and maintaining a proper lifestyle. Also, you need to make sure to consume large amounts of water on a daily basis. By drinking lots of water on a regular basis it becomes easy to flush out toxins from your body and keep your breast tissues clear and healthy.

Here’s what you can eat to have larger and firmer breasts:

  • Green Leaves and Vegetables: Eating green leaves and vegetables can help a lot in firming up your beasts and in reducing stretch marks.
  • Fruits, Whole Grains and Legumes: Most of these foods contain phytoestrogens that are helpful in controlling the production of testosterone in the body, which can lead to enhanced breasts. Some of these foods may include – but are not limited to – soybean sprouts, beets, carrots, green beans, chickpeas and others.
  • Nuts: Breast enhancing phytoestrogens are also present in large quantities in nuts such as walnuts, pistachios and chestnuts.

15. Surgery – A Modern Approach to Breast Enhancement

modern surgical techniquesAdvancements in technology and science have meant that you can have your breasts enlarged quickly through modern surgical techniques. The best part of this approach is that anybody can try it and see the results in a few days; however, before going ahead with this process, it is essential that you discuss your issue with your surgeon.

What can you expect from a breast surgery? Here are some insights for you:

  • Breast surgeries are certainly not as simple as they appear; however, you can fix the issue with your breasts without waiting for it to happen naturally over a long period of time.
  • Costs involved with breast surgeries can be high. So, you need to have this aspect sorted out before going under the knife.

Before going ahead with any of the breast enhancement procedures or steps or even trying out different bras, it is vital that you understand your breasts better. This will, in a way, help you to choose a right approach.

read bra brands reviews onlineIf you are one wishing to use bra brands as a way to enhance your breasts, then make sure you have read bra brands reviews online, as they are a huge source to find your favorite brands. If you are specifically looking for an online shop that will provide you with a wider choice, then bra brands Nordstrom and bra brands Macy’s offer you the best chance of that. Make sure to look for online coupon codes and discounts. You can be sure to find what you have been looking for at an affordable price.