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Grass is Always Greener: 13 Reasons Women Don’t Like Their Own Breasts

There are many day to day things that can make you unhappy. You can either be unhappy with your hair, unenthusiastic about your job, unsatisfied with the food you eat, and many other things that can affect your mood.

There are lots of things that affect a woman’s happiness, but did you know that some women are unhappy with their breasts? That’s right – not other people’s breasts; not some model’s breasts that always seem perfect; not anyone else’s breasts – her own breasts.

Why would a woman dislike something on her bodyKind of ridiculous to think about, is it? Why would a woman dislike something on her body that can: one, giver her pleasure; two, get men’s attention; and three, represent her as a woman? You are probably thinking one thing: insecurity.

But no, it’s not that. Although, yes, sometimes a woman can get insecure with her body, which can lead to her unhappiness with how her body looks. However, studies and research confirms that there are more reasons other than insecurities for a woman to dislike her own breasts.

Here are 13 reasons why there are women who dislike their own breasts.

1. Some Clothes Just Don’t Fit Right

Finding clothes that will fitThis is especially true for ladies with D cups or bigger.

Finding clothes that will fit your chest area perfectly and comfortably may be as challenging as fitting a size 40 foot to a size 36 shoe.

It might fit, but there will be bulges everywhere. This is why most women with big breasts opt for clothes that show more skin because exposing it is better than the futile attempt to hide it.

The best thing to do is to choose the feminine, blousy types of clothes, like those blouses that are spacey in the chest area. It’s girly and it’s spacious. You can also wear t-shirts because they can be equally comfortable and spacious.

2. Some Clothes Are Just Too Baggy

Just when you thought that having a flat chest is not bad enough, in comes the choice of clothing.

Women with small boobs also have the same predicament as those with big ones, only in an opposite way.

See, women with small boobs also have troubles choosing clothes that would not look to baggy in their chest area, because that will just make them look like a guy.

What you can do? Choose brassieres that push up the breasts and then wear clothes that expose more skin. This way, your cleavage will show, and that will make your breasts look bigger.

3. You Have To Clothe Them

Wearing a braHere’s the one thing that has really gotten women to dislike their breasts. Wearing a bra.

While it is no question that brassieres were made to protect the breasts from outside forces that cannot be filtered by basic clothing, some women still find discomfort in wearing a bra, thus making them dislike the whole idea of having breasts in the first place.

Since there is no other way around this, lest you want sagging breasts in your 40’s, it is best to wear a bra when you go out or have extreme activities. The good thing is that you can just take off your bra when you are home, so you can be comfortable. You can also opt not to wear one if you go out but with no extreme activities planned – like going to the market or walking the dog.

4. Bras Are Uncomfortable

Bras Are UncomfortableYes, they are. They are itchy and tight, and they hold your breasts up sometimes as high as to your face.

While some women enjoy this, some just don’t and this is why they hate having breasts to wear bras for.

Like why would they wear something that would give them discomfort if they can just walk around in comfort, right?

Well, although they really seem uncomfortable at times, the best way to get through it is to think that bras are there to protect your breasts – mostly from jumping around and breast pain. Bras will also help keep your breasts firm and perky. It goes without saying that not wearing bra could make your breasts saggy by the time you reach 40.

5. Bras Are Expensive

Bras Are ExpensiveHere’s one unjust thing: why are men’s boxer shorts cheap and women’s bras so expensive? Fine, the materials used in making a bra differ from boxer shorts, but it’s just not fair.

Generally, the good brands of brassieres are pricey. If you buy the cheap ones, they don’t last long. You are left with no choice, really. This is why some women detest their breasts.

6. Then There’s The Cup Size

Cup SizeDo they really only vary from cup A to cup D? What is yours is somewhere between B and C, like B and a half.

Right? Because not all breasts sizes are the same and they cannot just gauge it with 4 cup sizes.

Okay, you can request for a custom-made bra, but that is just not convenient or affordable. There’s also the fact that you need to check your size approximately every six months to see if your size has changed.

You can’t wear a size too small or a size too big. You have to wear the exact same size, lest you want to feel discomfort. So, you have no other choice than to wear your cup size.

7. The Breasts Are Too Sensitive

protect them all the time from getting bumpedThey are more sensitive than your emotions. You can’t touch them roughly – or you can if you enjoy that sort of thing. You have to protect them all the time from getting bumped. You have to cover them to avoid getting hurt. Basically, you just have to protect them as much as you are protecting your head from any form of injury. No fun.

8. They’re Painful Sometimes

menstrual periodsEspecially during your period. The breasts are affected by your hormonal circulations.

This means they become sensitive during your menstrual periods, when you are pregnant, and when you are breastfeeding.

This makes the breasts sensitive to the touch, and sometimes even painful. This leaves some women cranky and questioning why they were given breasts.

9. Breasts Can Have Breast Cancer

a percentageAlthough men can have breast cancer too, it’s the women who are majorly affected by this disease. There are many cases of breast cancer reported each year, and a percentage of those people do not get to survive. This leaves women edgy and fearful of having this form of disease. The secret there ladies is to check your breasts regularly, and live a healthy lifestyle.

10. Sports Are Limited At Times

Playing sports can be limitedOkay, here’s one reason that really bugs some of the ladies out. Playing sports can be limited because of your two protruding ladies on your chests.

Unlike men who can chest bump their teammates or play football without the fear of injuring their chests, women have to be extra careful,
which leaves most to play sports with less physical combat. Only those women that are fearless enough dare to venture on the other side of the sports field.

11. They’re Some Form Of Stereotype

free to choose whatever life they want to haveWhere did such stereotypes, like women with big breasts are slutty, and women with small breasts are boyish, come from? Women, regardless of their breast size, are free to choose whatever life they want to have. That is something that you need to think about, if you are one of those who go through this. Challenge the norm and the stereotypes. Your breast size does not define who you are as a woman.

12. Gravity Is Not Nice To Them

not wearing a braYes, here is where the years and years of not wearing a bra comes into the picture. You either wear a bra or you don’t, it’s your choice. However, the consequence is not your choice.

In this case, not wearing a bra can lead to sagging breasts over time. A healthy looking pair of boobs is always perky and firm. You can’t have perky and firm for long if you do not wear a bra.

13. They Are Attention Grabbers

Ah, men and their visual nature. What irritates most women is that conversation with a man is just not normal anymore. Some men spend more time looking at your breasts than at your face during conversations. It makes some women feel disrespected. Other women feel like they are given attention only because they have boobs.

breasts are attention grabbersWell, yes, breasts are attention grabbers and you can use them to your advantage, really.

Ladies, you need to get over it, look at the bright side and take those lingering eyes as a compliment for your sexiness and boldness.

So it all boils down in to one general idea. A woman hates her breasts because it hinders her from doing some things. It limits her from other extreme things that men can do – like maybe football and other physical sports. Although yes, you can still do these things even if you are a woman, but you can’t be as carefree as men regarding your chest area because, well that can be painful.