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Quick Lift: 8 Long Term Dangers of 24-Hour Breast Implants

Breast augmentation is among the most popular forms cosmetic surgery around the world. In 2013 alone, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported 290,224 cases of breast enhancement procedures.Since it was first introduced in 1962, with Timmie Jean Lindsey as the first woman who underwent breast augmentation, millions of women around the world are embracing the change – the boob change.

boob job will cost you thousands of dollarsLet’s face facts. Getting a boob job will cost you thousands of dollars. On the average, the procedure alone means shelling out about $3,700.

Then there are medicines, the cost of equipment, lab fees, and consultation fees you have to worry about. In other words, breast augmentation surgery is not a cheap procedure you can have anytime you want.

Worse, you have to deal with the side effects and risks after the procedure. In case you ever change your mind, you have to pay thousands of dollars again to remove the implants. If you are still contemplating whether to get breast implants, then this one is for you.

Introducing: The 24-hour InstaBreast

Yes, ladies, you read that right. You can say hello to bigger boobs without actually going under the knife, thanks to Dr. Norman Rowe.

Dr. Rowe is a certified plastic surgeon in New York City and the brain behind the InstaBreast. Originally, the design of temporary breast implants is to help you test your desired size before you make your way towards the actual surgery. It also reduces regret, or buyer’s remorse, and helps the surgeon determine preoperatively what his patient wants.

It sounds good, don’t you think? During the procedure, the doctor will inject saline into the breast tissue either on the side of the breasts or cleavage area, depending on what you want to enhance.

last for 24 hoursThis will only take 15 to 20 minutes and will last for 24 hours. The saline, which is also part of the bloodstream, will be absorbed by your body and released through urination.

Aside from the InstaBreast, Dr. Rowe also developed “vacation breasts.” The concept is the same with InstaBreast by increasing your cup size through saline solution. However, this could last up to three weeks, which is perfect if you are planning to go on a vacation and want to show off your bikini body.

However, not all doctors buy this quick fix idea. Temporary solutions do work, but it does not necessarily mean it’s okay to do it. In fact, they even warn women not to go through this procedure because of the dangers, risks, and possible complications, which include:

1. It Is Not The Same As Implants

saline injectionsWhether it is a saline or silicone implants, both come with certain shapes and sizes.

The implants define how big you want your breasts to look like before placing it under the tissue, depending on your desired implant placement.

Once the implants are in place, you will notice a difference in the shape of your breasts.

This is not the case for saline injections. Unlike implants, injecting saline in your breasts does not form into a shape. At the same time, it will not mimic the look of breast implants. It seems that the solution is floating in your breasts area, which could eventually make your breasts bigger and fuller – depending on how your breasts will react to it. This leads you to the next danger.

2. Changes In Your Breast Size

 effect of every drugSure, your breasts look bigger and fuller in the most natural way possible. The question is how sure are you that your boobs will cooperate?

Keep in mind that the effect of every drug, medicine, surgical procedure, and anything related to the medical field varies from person to person. This means what works for you might not work for others, and vice versa.

Since you rely on the saline solution injected into your breasts, there is a possibility that one side will last longer than the other one. At the same time, you’ll never know how your body will react with the saline solution. Imagine having a cup B on your left breast, and a cup C on the other one, while attending a special event, which could be embarrassing.

3. Hematoma Can Happen

blood vesselsAccording to, a hematoma is when blood collects outside the blood vessels. This happens when there is damage to the walls of the blood vessels, the veins, capillaries, or arteries.

The blood begins to seep into the tissues where it shouldn’t be able to go. It could range from a small dot, or it can cause a large amount of swelling.

One of the concerns of many doctors about the 24-hour breast implants is the possible risk of hematoma. Keep in mind that the procedure works by injecting saline solution in the breasts. There is no assurance that it forms into a shape. There’s also a possibility that this could damage any of the blood vessel walls, arteries, veins, or capillaries.

Even if the risk of hematoma is low, there is still a risk of bruising, swelling, soreness or redness in the area.

4. Infections Are A Possibility, Too

InfectionsThink about this. If you are able to get something out of your breasts, you can also get bacteria to go inside the ducts. This leads to bacterial infection, which you surely don’t want to happen.

There are limited studies and few to no accounts of people stepping out and saying that the 24-hour breast implants gave them a certain kind of infection. Still, you will never know how your body will react to the solution in case you decide to get one.

In the meantime, it is best to stay on the safe side to reduce any complications.

5. It Could Lead To Puncturing A Lung

Puncturing A LungInstaBreast offers a quick fix solution to your breast problems. If you are not careful, then there is a bigger possibility that the person administering the procedure will puncture your lungs.

InstaBreast sounds simple and easy to do. Someone will just inject the needle filled with saline solution in your breast area to get bigger breasts.

However, this could spell medical disaster. There are illegal and underground activities that offer an instant solution for women, as well. Aside from the possibility of puncturing a lung, this could lead to further complications and worse yet, death.

Before you decide to have this on your must-do list, make sure your doctor is legitimate and certified to perform this procedure. The 24-hour breast implants are becoming popular and many people will take advantage of it to exhort money from you.

6. It Comes With A Price

Comes With A PriceYou may think that InstaBreast is cheaper and more cost-efficient than breast enhancement surgery. After all, this type of breasts booster is only temporary and does not involve surgical procedure. Surprisingly, that’s not the case.

It turns out that this procedure is even more costly than going under the knife. Yes, it could give you an instant gratification, but this means shelling out $3,500 every time.

Think about this. You need to go to your sister’s wedding this coming weekend. You decided to this procedure since fuller boobs look better in halter-top clothing, right? The following weekend, you have to attend a party and impress the man of your dreams. That means $7,000 of your hard-earned money gone in two weeks. There are other factors you need to pay for, such as transportation expenses and other medical expenses.

Do you think this is still the most cost-efficient way to improve your body? You be the judge.

7. It Increases The Risk Of Cancer

Another fact: breasts are cancer-prone organs.

In fact, it is among the top killers among women around the world wherein one in every nine women developing this condition in their lifetimes.

historyUnfortunately, a lack of history of breast cancer in the family won’t save you from getting it, either.

There is no defined study connecting the link between breast cancer and temporary implants. Still, this doesn’t mean it is exempted. Any procedure involving the breasts and disrupting the balance in the area could increase the risks. At the same time, there is a possibility of delayed diagnosis, or it might interfere with mammography screenings in case you start to feel something unusual.

The connection between temporary breast implants and breast cancer requires further study. It won’t hurt if you stay on the safe side first, don’t you think?

8. There Are Limited Studies To Show Its Safety And Efficacy

scientific studyDespite its lack of scientific study, there are still women who are willing to undergo this type of procedure.

Take the case of New York image consultant Amanda Sanders who tried the procedure twice.

She told the New York Times how worth it the procedure was, and how she felt sexy after undergoing the $3,500 worth of cosmetic procedure. She has to look at her best and will do whatever it takes to play the part.

Sanders might be all praises. Still, the statement of one or two individuals praising the 24-hour breast implants does not follow that it is safe, especially when you think long term. It may not be a surgery but experts regard InstaBreast as an invasive procedure with no known accuracy.

Health comes firstUntil the Food and Drug Administration clears the procedure and there are more studies dedicated to it saying the procedure is safe, then it is best to stay away from it, at least for now. Health comes first before you focus on beauty and aesthetics.

Does this mean the 24-hour breast implants are not safe to undergo? This is not meant to discourage you. If you prefer going through the procedure, then go ahead and try it. Just make sure to weigh your options, think about the risks and dangers, and evaluate whether you really need it, or not.