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Natural Breast Enhancement: 4 Questions on Breast Massage

Every woman is created in her own unique and beautiful way. And when it comes to the frontal view, every woman is different. While some are adequately blessed, there are many others who will do everything just to achieve the desired cup size.

healthy lifestyleBreast enlargement can be done in many ways – enhancement pills or creams, proper diet and healthy lifestyle, and even augmentation surgery.

However, there’s an easier, less expensive and more natural way you can resort to when it comes to increasing your cup size: Breast Massage.

1. What Is a Breast Massage?

This procedure is one of the many ways yet most often neglected techniques when it comes to enhancing the bust.

Using the proper massaging techniques, you can enhance the size and even improve the shape or firmness of your bust without taking pills or undergoing a surgery. This is also a great addition to your routine especially if you’re taking enhancement pills or creams.

2. How Does It Help My Size Increase?

sense of touchWhen you massage your bust, you will be able to stimulate the release of growth hormones through your sense of touch.

By employing the right techniques, the hormone estrogen will flow through your bloodstream thereby increasing blood flow and eventually causing more estrogen to reach the breast receptors.

Because of increased circulation, new cells will reach your bust and stimulate its growth.

Massaging also boosts the level of Prolactin, another female hormone that is triggered when the breast tissue or nipples are stimulated. Prolactin also helps in the production of new cells which helps in enhancing your size.

3. What Are The Benefits Of This Method?

cheap and cost-effectiveFirst, this method is cheap and cost-effective. You don’t have to go through surgery and pay for doctor’s fees, take any pills, or buy enhancement creams. You also won’t need help from other people because you can do it yourself.

And since this is the easiest method when it comes to enhancement of your breasts, you can do it anytime, at your own discretion.

Also, massage is one way of determining the health condition of your bust. When you regularly massage, you will become aware of any lump or fluid formation that may indicate breast cancer.

Remember that early detection and awareness when it comes to this illness makes a lot of difference in your life.

regeneration and healingIf you have had a breast surgery or have experienced distress in that area, massaging it can benefit you a lot. Massage helps in melting scar tissues while stimulating regeneration and healing. This will give you more confidence and greater peace of mind.

4. How Is It Done? 

olive oilWhen massaging your bust, it is important to use an oil such as almond, cocoa butter, evening primrose, olive oil or shea butter. These oils are also used as breast massage oils that are meant for resistance reduction.

When massaging, perform the following procedure:

1.       Rub the oil or cream on your bust. Just put a considerable amount that is enough to keep the area moisturized.

2.       Place your three longer fingers starting from the nipple then gently pushing it downward. Move your fingers slowly and refrain from putting too much pressure on it.

3.       While cupping your breast, gently push it back then lift it.

4.     Twirl your breast using both hands and move it clockwise then counter-clockwise. Make sure that when you move your hands, your breast twirls with it.

5.       Place your palms over your bust, keeping your areola uncovered. Then slide down your palms but make sure not to move your nipples since that can spoil its shape.

following steps everydayIn order for it to be effective, make sure you perform the following steps everyday. However, don’t expect considerable growth immediately since it will take some time before you see the results. Just be patient and your breasts will grow naturally.