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5 Natural Breast Enhancement Exercises That Really Work

There are some realities in life that we cannot deny. As a general rule, women with large breasts look more appealing than those with smaller ones. For this reason, they tend to do everything to make these parts look better.

natural breast enhancement exercisesThough surgeries and artificial breast implants promise immediate results, they are not always the safest solutions to this problem.

Hence, those who opt for a safer alternative do natural breast enhancement exercises instead.

The Downsides of Breast Surgery

Breast SurgerySome women are very desperate in their desire to augment the size of their breasts. Hence, they employ the latest technology to have the breast size that they want. This has the highest rank among all cosmetic surgery procedures.

And statistics show that more and more women submit to these types of invasive procedures over the years. Hence, instead of going through the long and daunting process of breast enhancement exercises, they invest a significant amount of money for these procedures.

However, it is important to note that breast surgeries have their sets of flaws. Surveys show that 9 out of 10 breast implants rupture within 20 years of the time they are inserted.

Worse is the fact that some women do not even know that their implants are already leaking. Should you need to undergo a mammogram, the implants may block the area leading to unreliable results.

hazardous chemicalsBreast implants may also rupture during the process. Studies also showed that ruptured implants can spread hazardous chemicals to your body like hexone, benzene, polyvinyl chloride, isopropyl alcohol, xylene, formaldehyde and many others.

Some ruptured implants were also discovered to be contaminated with fungus when they were removed from the patient’s body.

Other complications of breast surgery includes loss of nipple sensation, infection, and breast contracture. And the list of complications may never end. Hence, it is still preferable to invest sufficient time and effort doing natural breast enhancement exercises.

Benefits of Natural Breast Enhancement Exercises

Some women who are already satisfiedSome women who are already satisfied with their breast size think that breast enhancement exercises are no longer needed.

After all they are already endowed with the right breast size that they desire.However, one has to know that breast exercises come with many benefits apart from making the breasts look bigger and perkier than they used to.

In fact, this has to be part of your daily overall health regime.The natural breast enhancement exercises will improve your breasts’ blood circulation and solve breast lump issues.

This can also be a good way to deal with breast stretch marks. Breast enhancement exercises are also prescribed for women who have undergone mastectomy. This plays a vital role on the surgery’s complete recovery.

How Effective Can They Be?

Fitness instructorThe purpose of breast exercises is to burn the breasts’ excessive fats, replacing them with firm muscle layers on your chest. Fitness instructors recommend performing this drill in 2-3 sets for more effective results. And each set requires 10-15 repetitions of certain breast exercises.

However, the effectiveness of breast enhancement exercises is often questioned. Unfortunately, some women who tried doing these exercises eventually stopped the routine even before they obtain significant effects.

But the real question is; how effective can these types of exercises be? Well, results vary from one person to another.

This depends on the woman’s determination to improve one’s health or aesthetic looks.

Since this will require a long process, one has to wait until the desired result will be obtained. Hence, the person must perform natural breast enhancement exercises regularly.

A daily regimen will obviously show faster results than its weekly counterpart. Just like you need to take a bath or brush your teeth regularly, you must also include breast enhancement exercises as parts of your needs.

Examples of 5 Breast Enhancement Exercises

exercises as scheduledThere are various breast exercises that you can choose from. Just make sure to choose the one that you find comfortable. Regardless of where you do these exercises, you must follow and execute these exercises as scheduled. The exercises are as follows:

  • Finger Lock

Stand with your arms positioned at shoulder level. Then try to extend both of your arms in front of your body while interlocking your fingers during the process. Hold this for 5 seconds.

  • Butterfly Presses

hold a dumbbellWhile lying on a supine position on a bench or mat, extend your arms above your body ensuring that this will be done in a shoulder level. You need to hold a dumbbell or weights during the process. Then open arms and extend them parallel to the floor. Then, push them back out to an extended and shoulder level position.

  • Wall Press

While standing 2-3 feet away from a wall, extend your arms in front of you with your palms flat on the wall. Then bend your arms, keeping your elbows close to your body to bring your chest toward the wall. You will then need to push and extend your arms back to bring your chest back to its normal position.

  • Use weightsPull Overs

Lie flat on a bench or mat then extend your arms above your chest. From this position, lower your arms above your head until it becomes parallel to the floor. Then position your arms back above your chest. Use weights while executing this drill to increase challenge to the corresponding muscles involved.

  • Prayer Press

While lying on a mat or bench, stretch your arms above your chest. Dumbbells or weights must be used throughout the process.

Then flex elbows to lower down your arms, forming a prayer like position.Other non-invasive methods to increase one’s breast size is the use of firming gels and daily intake of supplements.

These methods coupled with regular natural breast enhancement exercises give you a better chance of improving your breasts’ aesthetic looks and health.

do them in your homeThe exercise drills are very simple. In fact, you can do them in your home. With patience, perseverance and diligence, you will finally have the exact breast size that you want, realizing your dream one step at a time.