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10 Strange Things Women Don’t Know About Their Own Breasts

Your breasts may seem like just two balls of flesh attached to your body, producing milk at one point in your life, and something that bounces along when you move around. As simple as they may seem to be, your breasts have interesting functions that you may not know until you read this article. But, that’s fine. After all, how much do you really need know about your boobs, just as long as they’re healthy?

To answer that, there are so much more that you have to know. For one, knowing your breasts in and out will help you gain more pleasure during lovemaking.

Another reason is that you’ll get to use your boobs to your advantage in many ways during flirtation and foreplay. Lastly, knowing your breasts will help you keep track of their health and prevent any breast conditions that may affect your life balance.

Boobs are interesting parts of your body. Medical science has produced many studies on breasts and their functions other than making milk and breastfeeding babies. Not surprisingly, these studies have discovered more interesting facts about breasts that can be advantageous not only to babies, but also to the dad and the mom, as well. Here are 10 interesting facts about your breasts that will definitely surprise and educate you.

1. Your Breasts Need A Massage

MassageAs funny or hot as that sounds, your breasts have muscles and veins in them that may sometimes strain and get wound up.

For other parts of your body, when this happens, you get yourself a massage to release the tension that has built up over time. The same thing goes for your breasts.

While the idea of having your breasts caressed and massaged seems good, it is actually a necessity to make sure the blood circulation in them remain smooth and functioning properly. So when your partner caresses your breasts, it’s actually hitting two birds with one stone.

2. Breast Milk Is Best For Babies And Everyone Else

breast milk is best for babiesYou know how they say that breast milk is best for babies because of the nutrients you can get from the milk? Well, the human body practically needs the same nutrients that a baby can get from that milk.

Therefore, taking breast milk is not only good for babies, but it is also good for dads and moms. Although the notion is a bit out of the norm and the whole “why would you take your baby’s milk” joke, it’s no question that breast milk is healthy for the body.

So,Moms, there’s a reason why your baby loves the milk from your breasts so much. It does not only help them grow faster, but it also keeps them strong and healthy. If you’re producing too much milk than your baby can drink, you might want to share it with you and your hubby. Many businesses are sprouting up that offer baked goods and other products with breast milk as an ingredient.

3. Your Breasts Are As Sensitive As Your Vagina

caressedThat is why boob action can feel good and give you pleasure, too. Boobs, when caressed or played with, release oxytocin, which sends the feeling of pleasure to the brain.

Hence, playing with your breasts can add enjoyable sensations, especially during sex.

So, your breasts are not just your curvy twins that attract male species when you flaunt them. They can actually be a source of pleasure for you when someone touches or plays with them. That is why your man just loves to touch them. It turns him on more and he knows you get more turned on, as well.

4. You’re Probably Wearing The Wrong Bra Size

wear the wrong braNearly 80 percent of women wear the wrong bra and cup size for their breasts. While the number is disturbing,
the possibility remains that you may also be wearing the wrong size. This is definitely not good for your breasts.

There are several reasons for this.

Either you’ve been wearing the same size you had when you were 13 or you’ve gained weight, which in turn increased your breast size. Wearing the wrong size can cause breast problems like back and chest pain, breast and muscle pain, ribcage pain or even lead to serious health conditions. Therefore you should regularly get measured up, so you should choose the right bra size.

5. Your Boobs Are The First Thing Men Look At, But You Knew That

First Thing Men Look AtAny woman who is the least bit observant can tell you this. It’s normal human nature for him to size up your body, or boobs in this case, before he even wants to know your name.

You may not notice this before, but men tend to look at your chest more than your face, especially if you’re not looking at them.

So if you’re bold enough to use this to your advantage, show a little of your cleavage and flaunt what you got when you go out. Your boldness, more than anything else, can be a major turn on for men. But don’t go too far, you don’t want to make your friends jealous or mad at you.

6. Your Boobs Alone Can Turn Him On And Get Him To The Edge

Get Him To The EdgeWith appropriate leverage and action, boobs alone can turn him on big time and bring him to the brink. Boob action is always a turn on for men.

If you show him your double Ds, that can get him hot and bothered already. Now use your double Ds to pleasure him and you’ll drive his sanity out of town.

One thing that you should know is that apart from your best friend down there between your legs, your boobs can also be your weapon in the battle of the sexes. So, with the right moves, you can use yours to your full advantage.

7. Your Breasts May Hurt When You Exercise

may be alarmingYou may feel pain around or within your breasts sometimes, especially when you exercise or move around a lot. While it may be alarming to have pain there, it’s perfectly normal.

Put it this way: when you do strenuous activities, other parts of your body may tend to feel sore and tired, too. It’s the same thing with your breasts, which is why it feels pain from time to time.

There is, however, a borderline here. You should be alarmed when you feel pain, but have not really done anything heavy that day, or at times when the pain does not go away. In this case, consult with your doctor to check if there are any growing problems that they need to treat.

8. Your Left Breast Is Bigger Than Your Right Breast

immune systemThis is common knowledge, but did you know why? The left breast is bigger because the immune system on the left side of the body is more sensitive than the right. This is why the right breast is smaller.

Sometimes the size difference may not be exactly visible. There are myths that if you cup your breasts regularly, they would grow bigger and eventually grow to the same size. That is, of course, just a myth.

When you measure up your breasts and find that one is bigger than the other, it’s not a disease or abnormality. In fact, it is a good indication that your body is functioning normally because of the functions of the immune system that your breasts that way.

9. Breast Enhancement Tops The List Of The Most In-Demand Plastic Surgeries

Tops The ListThe truth is, there are many women who are not happy with their breast size. Thankfully, science has innovated procedures to address this fact, and that is through breast enhancement surgery.

Since its introduction, breast enhancement has become the world’s number one most done plastic surgery.

There are also rare medical cases where breast augmentation is needed to balance the hormones in the body. Either way, breast enhancement has clawed its way up to the top of the most sought of plastic surgeries all over the world, for women and men, too.

10. Nipplegasms Are A Reality

That’s rightOrgasm through nipple stimulation is not a myth. That’s right, you read that correctly. A woman can get off by playing with their nipples alone.

However, your partner must display extreme patience and tongue action to get you there. But it happens.

By stimulating the nipple, it releases oxytocin from the brain. This is the same chemical in your body that stimulates vaginal contractions and leads to orgasms. So getting off is possible not only from your vagina, but also with some nipple action. You and your partner should just really need to be patient in trying it the first time. But hey, it could be all worth it.

sexual secretsYour breasts are not just balls of flesh and tissue with muscles that hang from your upper body. They are more than just your companions at times when you’re bored. They are not just idle parts of your body. They even hold more sexual secrets in them that are just as equally interesting as your best friend down there between your legs. They can give and get pleasure just as how your friend down there, too.

Now that you know more about your boobs, you can use them to your full advantage, and appreciate them more, too.