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13 Straightforward Facts About Amazing Boobs 

How Much Do You Know About Your Breasts?

You already know that they come in twin mountains that change in size every time you lose or gain weight. Your boobs can also be packed with milk, which is capable of feeding a baby.

Of course, you also know that almost half of men are looking into a woman’s boobs. The size may not matter, but they enjoy looking at them, with or without the bra on.

However, boobs are more than just that a body part that men and babies are fond of. Surprisingly, your twin mountains could offer something, not just for yourself but also for everyone else in the room.

Here are interesting things and facts you should know about your boobies.

1. This Is What Breasts Are Made Of

Have you ever wondered how your boobs grow? Female breasts have 15 to 25 milk glands connected to the milk ducts. The fatty and connective tissues hold these glands together to keep it in place.

For the pleasure part, a woman’s breasts have thin muscle fibers on the nipples, which are responsible for signaling arousal, keeping them sensitive, and making them erect in case the situation calls for it.

In relation to pleasure, these muscle fibers are connected to your lady parts. Once your nipples are stimulated, the cortex area in your brain lights up and triggers your genitals to do their job.

2. Breasts Don’t Have The Same Size

Don’t Have The Same SizeSometime in 2013, Jennifer Lawrence admitted on live television that her boobs were uneven. This is a big deal in the boobs department. After all, your breasts are supposed to be the same size, right?

Apparently not. A woman’s breasts are not equal. You may not notice it immediately, but if you look at them closely, you will realize that one is slightly bigger than the other. That is normal. However, if you notice that one breast is obviously bigger than the other one, then you should make that trip to the doctor’s office for checkup.

3. You Need To Understand The Men-Booby Connection

when meeting a girl for the first timeIt is common knowledge that men like boobs. Did you know that when meeting a girl for the first time, 80 percent of men look at the breasts first, while the remaining 20 percent go straight to the face? Size does not matter, although the more big-chested you are, the longer they will look at your breasts, rather than staring at your face.

Here is the interesting part. According to a German study, staring at a woman’s breasts for 10 straight minutes could be the equivalent of 30 minutes of aerobic activity. Now you know why they love boobs.

4. Your Sleeping Position Really Does Matter

Sleeping PositionThere are certain positions that promote better and longer sleep. Experts also recommend specific sleeping positions to make sure that your back gets ample support.

When it comes to maintaining the shape of your breasts, how you sleep in bed does matter.

Sleeping on your stomach is the worst position for your breasts. The best position to maintain your breasts’ shape is by sleeping on your side. Make sure to place a pillow under your breasts for added support. This will help your breasts maintain its shape.

If you are wondering about wearing a bra when you go to sleep, experts say it is okay. However, go for a non-wire bra. Also, make sure it is not too tight to allow your breasts to move and breathe freely.

A trip to the doctor might save your life5. Lumps In Your Breasts

Breast cancer is among the top killers around the world. One of the best ways to address this problem is through early detection, also known as the breast exam.

When you check your breasts, you may notice lumps on your breasts. Don’t panic. 80 percent of these lumps are benign. At the same time, your breasts go through various changes, causing it to become soft, tender, and swelling.

Still, this doesn’t mean you should not worry. A trip to the doctor might save your life.

6. The Biggest Breast Size

The Biggest Breast SizeAre you tired of shopping for bra at the pre-teens department? The good news is there are many ways to increase your cup size.

However, the surefire solution to increase the size of your boobs is through breast augmentation surgery. When it comes to surgery, Sheyla Hershey from Texas is happy with her size.

After nine surgeries, Hershey holds the title for having the biggest pair of breasts in the world, with breast size of 38KKK. Can you imagine how big that is?

7. Know What To Expect As You Grow Older

younger daysIn your younger days, your breasts will look perfect. It is a store house for fat, milk glands and collagen, which explains why you have perky boobs. As you age, your boobs turn from storehouse to fat bags. This causes your breasts to lose their firmness and becomes less perky unlike when you were in your 20’s.

Since gravity is stronger than your breasts, so there is a higher possibility that they will sag.

8. Going From An A Cup To A C Cup

Yoga posesThere is a reason why breast augmentation is popular among women.

There will always be a need to increase one’s cup size because the bigger it is, the more appealing a woman will be, at least in some people’s points of view.

Because of this, there are many products that promise to turn your “A”cup bra into a “C” cup bra. The question is, is it possible?

Naturally, you cannot turn yourself into a C cup overnight. However, there are various ways you could make your breasts firmer and perkier, which encourages you to buy a new set of bras. Yoga poses, breast massage, and breast enhancement pills will help you with that. In case you want to make it happen in a hurry, your best solution is to go for breast augmentation surgery.

9. Smoking Kills Your Breasts

SmokingNot in a literal sense, of course. If you can’t kick the habit, then don’t be surprised to see your boobies drooping.

Cigarettes contain chemicals and ingredients, which affects your body’s elastin in a bad way. When there is not enough elastin, or the protein responsible for maintaining your skin’s elasticity, in your breasts area, then your breasts start to sag.

Do your boobs a favor by getting rid of the habit. It helps you live longer, too.

10. Bra Basics, Anyone?

headachesAre you wearing the right bra size? Surprisingly, 85 percent of women are wearing the wrong bra size.

This may seem harmless, but wearing the wrong size for your boobies could affect their shape and the way they look in a bad way. At the same time, this could lead to headaches, back pain, and indigestion.

Here are tips on how to measure bra size.

  • tape measureFor the Band Size – This is the area directly under your breasts. If you get an even number, add four inches. If your measurement is odd number, add five inches. This is your band size.
  • For the Bust Size – Wrap the tape measure around the fullest part of your chest.
  • For the Cup Size – To get the cup size, subtract the band size from the bust size. If the difference is zero, your cup size is AA. If it’s one, your cup size is A, two for B, three for C, four for D, five for DD, six for DDD or F, and seven for G.

11. Get A Bra Education

Get A Bra EducationAre you thinking of getting a degree, which is related to bra and boobs? Then book a ticket and go to Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University offers a degree in Bra Studies. Aside from knowing the history of the bra and studying the many benefits of wearing one, you will also learn how to design and build your own bra.

This is a good opportunity to start building your own lingerie empire, don’t you think?

12. Make A Living As A Wet Nurse

good salaryMany experts and doctors recommend breastfeeding, especially during the first six months of your baby’s life. It has many health benefits for your little one and at the same time, helps you lose that pregnancy weight.

However, there are moms who are unable to breastfeed for a variety of reasons. If you are one of them, then you might want to consider hiring a wet nurse. These are women who are able to breastfeed, which is what you could use for your baby.

Would you want to work as a wet nurse? You live with the family for at least a year and get paid a good salary, plus many other perks, depending in your arrangement.

Who would’ve thought someone could make a living out of their boobs, right?

13. Your Boobs Are A Turn On Button

Turn On ButtonDid you know that your breasts are powerful triggers inside the bedroom? Aside from making your man crazy with your boobs,
your breasts could trigger your brain to get aroused, just in case the situation calls for it.

According to a 2006 study, 82 percent of women are turned on by the slightest manipulation and teasing up there. Also, there are one percent of women who can reach orgasm simply by stimulating the breasts.

What does this all mean? Never underestimate the power of your boobies. They may seem like they are always on display for others, but they really are a part of who you are as a person. More than that, your breasts could do so much for your body and your health, too.