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15 Things Every Woman Can Do Today for Healthier Breasts Tomorrow      

Every woman values her breasts. Regardless of their shape or size, they are an essential part of every lady’s femininity and figure. Therefore, it’s no surprise that women worry about the health of their breasts on a regular basis. So today, let’s look at some top ways women can look after their boobs and even boost the size of them.

1. Wear The Right Sized Bra For Healthy Breasts

respiratory problemsFar too many women are wearing ill-fitting bras, and this can affect them in a variety of negative ways.

A bad bra can lead to a poor posture, respiratory problems, irritation of the skin, and long-term issues like sagging of the breasts.

It’s vital to get yourself measured by a professional and ensure that you are purchasing quality bras that provide the adequate support for your breasts. In addition, it’s important to be aware that your bra size will change all throughout your life.

If you get pregnant, lose or gain weight or enter menopause, then the size of your breasts will change and you will need to make an adjustment to keep them healthy.

2. Wear Your Bra Less Often To Let Your Boobs Breathe

Studies have shown that women who wear bras less often have healthier breasts in general.

This is because bras are essentially designed to keep the breasts locked in place and prevent them from moving, which isn’t exactly natural.

The lymphatic flow in the breasts can become constricted as the bra exerts pressure upon them. Also, they can get excessively hot beneath a bra as well. Breasts actually prefer to be in relatively cool temperatures. So, you don’t want to make them get too hot.

We are not telling you to stop wearing a bra altogether. Millions of women wear bras on a daily basis and their breasts are perfectly fine.  However, it might be worth trying to reduce the amount of time you wear your bras if possible.

3. Regular Exercise Will Boost Your Breasts

Regular ExerciseRegular exercise is good for your whole body, and that includes your breasts.

Working out, jogging, cycling, doing yoga or whatever other physical activity you enjoy will boost the blood flow around your body, burn off any excess fat, and lower your risks of cancer.

To boost the appearance of your breasts, there’s nothing better than pectoral exercises. If your pecs get stronger, your breasts will have better support and will sag less.

4. Massage For Fuller And Firmer Breasts

MassageTo try and improve the appearance of your breasts, it can be useful to treat them to a sensual massage from time to time.

At your local health store, you should be able to find plenty of herbal firming creams that you can rub gently into the breasts.

These creams will not necessarily increase the size of your breasts. But, they will help your boobs become more toned and firm, along with reducing the signs of aging like wrinkles and spots.

5. Detox Your Body To Look After Your Boobs

Detoxing is becoming more and more popular around the world as it cleanses the body of any impurities and lowers your risks of cancer and other diseases.

Detox Your BodyAs toxins, chemicals, bacteria, viruses and all sorts of other dangerous things build up in your bloodstream, your chances of getting a nasty illness, including breast cancer, continue to rise.

It’s vital to get rid of all these impurities, and detoxification is one of the best methods to use. Even if you feel healthy, it’s better to get the detox done and clean your body before you get ill.

Another great way of looking after your breasts in particular and lowering your chances of developing breast cancer is to take regular doses of iodine. Iodine is vital for the breasts and is one of the best products to counteract the effects of breast diseases. Ask your doctor how much you can take safely, as too much iodine is not good, either.

6. Breastfeed Your Baby To Lower Your Risk Of Breast Cancer

BreastfeedMore and more studies are coming out that show the positive effects of breastfeeding. Science has proven that women who breastfeed are less likely to develop breast cancer.

A study of women all around the world showed that those who lived in richer countries like the U.S. tended to breastfeed less often, preferring instead to make use of infant formula and milk powders.

Meanwhile, women in the less developed countries have no other option but to breastfeed. In the end, the women in poorer countries are less likely to develop breast cancer.

This is all because women produce helpful hormones when they breastfeed. One of these hormones is prolactin, which helps to balance out a woman’s estrogen levels and acts as a protector against breast cancer. Therefore, the more you breastfeed, the better your chances of avoiding this horrible disease.

7. Read The Labels To Avoid Any Side Effects

Read The LabelsA lot of the products we use every day like shampoos and lotions contain preservatives known as parabens, which can be absorbed into the blood and have effects on our bodies.

In women, some parabens actually mimic some of the negative effects of estrogen, which leads to women gaining weight and losing breast firmness. You should definitely remember to read the labels on the products you use and avoid those with too many parabens.

In addition, you should avoid deodorants with aluminum. Those that use alum are healthier.

8. Get Lots Of Sleep For Breast Well-Being

When you sleep, you produce several helpful hormones that help to look after your body, repairing any damage and keeping you healthy. This is especially true when you sleep in a dark room.

Get Lots Of SleepIn the darkness, the brain responds by secreting a hormone called melatonin, which is essential for the well-being of the breasts, as it balances out your estrogen levels.

Too much light in your bedroom can reduce your melatonin production. So, try to make your room as dark as possible when you sleep.

Moreover, it’s vital to keep a healthy sleep schedule. Doctors recommend sleeping at least between the hours of 10pm and 6am for optimum melatonin production.

9. Feed Your Breasts A Healthy Diet

Yes, your breasts need to be fed properly, just like the rest of your body. If you put junk food inside yourself, it will have negative effects all around your body.

Healthy DietSome foods will even directly attack the breasts by giving you too much estrogen or increasing your risks of breast cancer.

Studies have shown that women who eat healthily have much lower chances of developing breast cancer. Their breasts also look better as a result of their healthy diet.

Try to cut out any junk foods and limit your amounts of trans-fats found in oils and margarines. You should also try to reduce your intake of carbohydrates like bread, candy, cookies and cakes, as these will lead to higher risks of cancer if consumed in excess.

It is healthy to include fruits and vegetables in your diet as often as possible, along with foods which are rich in iodine, like seaweed and fish. Also visit your local health store and search for products that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, magnesium and antioxidants.

10. Stay Away From Alcohol To Keep Your Feminine Figure

Stay Away From AlcoholWe all know that alcohol can increase our risks of developing cancer, including cancer of the breasts. It can be hard to avoid drinking entirely.

Some people are alcoholic and should seek counseling. Others simply enjoy a drink with friends from time to time.

It might be impossible to cut alcohol out of your life entirely. But, you should try and reduce your intake as much as you can.

The same thing is true for smoking. This is a habit that can lead to all sorts of health problems. Also, it can be pretty hard to quit, but your doctor can help. You should do your best to quit or cut down on the amount you smoke.

11. Get Out In The Sun For Healthy Breasts

Get Out In The SunThe sun provides our skin with essential vitamin D, and this is one of the most significant things when it comes to healthy breasts.

Low levels of vitamin D have been associated with higher risks of breast cancer, along with other types of cancer.

So, it’s important to get out in the sun and let your skin absorb that vitamin. If you live in an area without much sun, you can make use of vitamin D supplement tablets.

12. Get Yourself Checked For Breast Cancer Regularly

Way too many women simply don’t visit the doctors to get themselves checked for breast cancer regularly enough.

If you can detect cancer before it becomes too serious, then it is much more likely for you to be cured and make a full recovery.

check yourself for any unusual signs or lumpsThis is why it is so suitable to visit your doctor often and get checked out. It doesn’t take long and could save your life.

Doctors recommend a checkup every six months. But, women should also do their own checks at home. When in the shower or getting dressed, you can check yourself for any unusual signs or lumps. If you have a history of breast cancer in the family then you might be at an even higher risk so you should go for more regular checkups.

13. Avoid Hormone Therapy To Stay Safe

women who enter menopauseA lot of women who enter menopause make use of hormone therapy to deal with the symptoms of this troubling period of life.

Menopause can lead to fatigue, irritability and more, and it can be difficult to live with.

However, scientists are now saying that hormone therapy is not the answer to this problem and it may even boost your chances of developing breast cancer.

This doesn’t mean you have to avoid hormones entirely. You can use small amounts of treatment without the risk of dangerous side effects. But, you shouldn’t overdo it.

14. Moisturize Your Breasts To Avoid Wrinkles

cocoa butter
Photo by / CC BY-SA

Wrinkles and spots on the breasts will appear as women grow older. But, you can prevent and treat them with the right creams and lotions.

Breasts have to suffer from quite a lot of chafing with the various bras and clothes we put on top of them.

In order to look after your boobs and keep them feeling soft and smooth, you should moisturize them regularly. Look for products that are rich in cocoa butter or almond oil and rub these gently into your breasts to keep the signs of aging away.

15. Stay Away From Chemicals, Plastics, Pesticides And Herbicides

chemicals that represent a real threat to the human bodyA lot of household items actually contain chemicals that represent a real threat to the human body.

Bisphenol-A, also known as BPA is able to mimic the negative effects of estrogen on the female body, leading to the degradation of the breasts.

You can find BPA in all sorts of common items like water bottles, food cans, plastic plates and more.

Similarly, in garden products like pesticides or weedkillers, you can find many chemicals that act similarly to estrogen. If you spray your lawn with chemicals that could harm your body, you are putting yourself in danger in your very own home. So, make certain to read the labels of the products you buy and take precautions when doing gardening work.

Here we have seen some of the most helpful things to be aware of when it comes to looking after your breasts. All women want to take care of their most sexy bosoms, but it can be a difficult thing to do in the modern world. Especially for women with saggy or small breasts, life can become that extra bit difficult.

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