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Women in Pop Culture: 10 Freaky Physical Attributes of Comic Book Heroines

Have you ever noticed how women and female superheroes in comic books are like the picture of a perfect, hour-glass body with boobs that could dent the armor they wear? Somehow it’s pretty hard to believe they were drawn that way to promote kindness and values to the boys and men who read them.

Yeah, they may project a superhero, goody two-shoes image that promotes world peace and saves the planet from the bad guys every time; however, subtly but not unnoticeably,comic book women are always other-worldly pretty and their bodies are really sexy.

It’s no wonder, though. Comics were originally made for boys in the same way that paper dolls were originally made for girls.

Boys, or men, are visual in nature and their imaginations get stimulated more with a help of imagery.Hence, the most popular comics include the sexy women in them.

Female superheroes in comics have the most perfect bodies that sometimes make you think that maybe real women are the ones that are off. In truth, they just exaggerate women’s body in crazy, bordering misogynistic ways that may make you start to feel insecure with your own body.

Don’t be, though. As with every other fictional work, they are not real women. Sure, there may be models out there that may look and have the same bodies as these comic book heroines, but the amount of work they put up to maintain these figures is so excruciating, you’ll pass that up easily. Instead of feeling sorry for not having this female superhero body, take a look at just how hilariously they’ve depicted women in these popular comic books.

1. Women In Comics Pose To Make Their Breasts Perk Up

picture of absolute perfection and total hotness
Photo by Comic Vine / CC BY-SA

It is funny how female superheroes in comic books are always posed up and ready to be taken a photo of even in the most excruciating and hard battles that they have.

They always have the perfect hair, the perfect posture, their breasts are always perked up even with their costumes torn to bits and blood spattering from their bodies. They are just this picture of absolute perfection and total hotness.

In reality, if that happens to you or any other woman out there, for example, female cops or soldiers, the overall look could be outrageous because real women in battles simply do not have the time to check their hair and their makeup. We’re not saying that they look bad, but it’s universally impossible to still look perfectly made up if you’re in a battle with the bad guys.

2. Female Superhero Costumes Are For Flaunting, Not Protecting

Catwoman's leather suit
Photo by Garrett Albright / CC BY

Like seriously, Catwoman’s leather suit, the armor of the Amazonas, and many more of these female characters that wear nothing more than pieces of small fabric sewn together to cover the private parts a little.

More so, these tiny fabric swaths they call clothes are coincidentally too tight. To keep them in place, maybe?

Sure, there are female characters who have coveralls and jumpsuits that are aptly named as uniforms, like the ladies of X-Men. But let’s be honest: what they lack in skin exposure, they make up for in curves.

Do they even consider that maybe exposing more skin may cause more damage, or even death to these female characters? But hey, this is fiction, so anything goes.

3. No Matter How Sleek And Slim The Costume, It Always Stays In Place

Sleek And Slim The Costume
Photo by slippyninja / CC BY-SA

One: Because they are comic book characters, they’re on paper, so obviously they don’t move that much.

Two: Because a great chunk of their audience are minors, they still need to follow the protocol of censoring stuff they are not supposed to show to underage boys.

But nevertheless, it never ceases to amaze many audiences how such a small amount of fabric than can be easily torn by water, fire, air or whatever elements that these heroines go against can stay in place after all the hustle and bustle and chaos of the battles. It kind of wants to make you know what kind of material they use, so you can have one made for yourself – you know, to have durable clothes and all that.

4. Women In Comics Have The Perfect Breasts And Bodies

Comics Have The Perfect Breasts And Bodies
Photo by comicero / CC BY

Yes, even the villains do. It’s like a big splash of ice cold water to your face and makes you realize that it really truly is just fiction, but it will also make you think that you will never get a body like that. At least not if you don’t work extra hard for it.

They have the perfect facial features, the perfect flowy and smooth hair, the perfect curves, the perfect boobs that protrude from their costumes, and simply the perfect everything in their bodies.

Oh, and yes they have great combat skills in fighting evil, but that’s an entirely different and given less important factor in the world of comics.

5. Their Nipples Leave Dents On Their Steel Superhero Costumes

Steel Superhero Costumes
Photo by Richie S / CC BY

If that statement alone does not make you laugh, then you’re probably onto something. Nipples get hard, yes. But they can’t get hard enough to dent steel, or torpedo across the Pacific Ocean and mutilate a high-performing submarine.

That is plainly fiction at its finest created by those with the most active imaginations.Kidding aside, nipples can’t get as hard as that. They get hard, but only hard enough as far as muscles and nipples go.

6. No Matter How Fierce She Is, It’s All About The Breasts

opening in the cleavage area of the suit
Photo by Gengoro-Akemori / CC BY

Yes. Even if she wears an overall turtle-neck, long-sleeved leather suit, the breasts will always somehow be given the highlight.

It can be a small opening in the cleavage area of the suit or the lighting position as the light strikes her body, those boobs will always be one of the main attractions of female comic book characters.

It’s basically just art, or how they adapt the art to comic books. Women’s bodies should be appreciated. Therefore, their bodies should look good they draw them.

7. Leather Suits Are Always The First Choice

Leather Suits
Photo by brett jordan / CC BY

It could be because of the leather’s flexibility. It could be because of the material’s durability.

Or it could be because of how leather clings to the body, taking up the shape and enhancing it even more. Especially for black or dark colored leather materials.

There’s just something about a woman wearing an overall leather costume that makes her hot, fierce and domineering, commanding respect and fear wherever she goes, and also leaving a trail of swoon from men.

8. Well, Her Waist Is Too Small, Is It Not?

real life hour-glass figured women
Photo by cvasquez84 / CC BY-SA

Sure, there are many real life hour-glass figured women out there, but come on, that really tiny waist for those perfect and plump breasts on our female superheroes is just too good to be true.

Don’t you think? A curve may be acceptable, even a perfectly shaped hourglass curve is still possible, but that v-shaped waist and really big hips down to a big butt is cartoon art and nothing more.

Imagine seeing a woman with that kind of body walking around. Their body so perfect, you’ll think they came out of a comic book. Kim Kardashian’s body, or well, her breasts, waist and butt comes close to this type of body.

9. They Can Use Their Body To Seduce Their Enemy

perfect bodies they have
Photo by Pat Loika / CC BY

Ah, the old “lure and pounce” trick that is practiced by many women, even in real life. But comic book characters, what with the perfect bodies they have,

can easily use their body to seduce even their worst sworn enemies. Then they attack, which most of the time leads to victory, since they’re the superhero.

This is actually a technique that you can use too, but not on an enemy, of course. You can flaunt your curves and your cleavage to get the attention of men. How about that, there’s a flirting technique to learn from these female characters, after all.

10. Can You See The Resemblance?

Basically, a fierce and tough woman has one facial structure pattern. This is why female superheroes in comics practically look the same. Go ahead, look at them and compare. They only differ in skin color, height, eye color and costume, but the face shape and nose are mostly the same.

structure pattern
Photo by Vegas Bleeds Neon / CC BY-SA

Animation departments all seem to follow the same pattern, which obviously is what sells the most to comic book readers. They just add some touches of individuality to make them look different.

Catwoman and Grey are already pretty as they are. But the tight costume, the curvy figure and the cup double D’s add to the hype of making them not only superheroes, but also sexy stars in the fantasy world. Just like how women imagine being swooped and saved by Superman from falling off a building, men are also thinking of getting some female superhero action themselves.

So basically, the female superheroes in these comic books were made to give a little more entertainment than how a comic book was originally designed to be. Not surprisingly, they were made by men, for men. It’s pure entertainment and show business, but it will have you thinking if men have gone over the top in imagining that women could have these crazy and other-worldly perfect bodies.