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10 Down and Dirty Facts about Your Double D’s

You probably think you already know everything there is to know about your boobs. Like, what else is there to know? You have two – unless you have more than two, in which case that presents a bigger problem – they are either big or small, they bounce, or they don’t, they’re prone to cancer, and they are an asset. See? Down and simple. Or is it really?

Many studies have been conducted, as many as you can probably consider, about the woman’s breasts.

In these extensive and critical studies, we have learned that these two milk-bearing, baby-feeding, fleshy twins that both your baby and hubby love actually have more to them than meets the eye, literally.They’re not just your fancy, vivacious duo that you use to attract men. Ladies, don’t play innocent.

Your breasts are more than just your two companions during your idle times or more than just the parts of your body that you cover with a bra. So without further ado, here are 10 down and dirty facts about your double D’s.

1. One Boob Is Bigger Than The Other

immune systemYeah, yeah, you already know this one. No two things are the same, each one is unique and all that blah. But do you know exactly how and why?

Here’s the thing: the majority of the womanly population has bigger left breasts than their right, statistically speaking. This is because of the hypersensitivity of your left side immune system, which leads to making your left breast bigger. It’s purely body tissues and nerves working at their natural pace.

So, you want equal sized breasts, right? Have you figured out how to make your right immune system double the effort yet?

2. The Average Bra Size Is Cup 36C

Cup size 36C
Photo by SPakhrin / CC BY

Is the cup size 36C always out of stock, or limited whenever you shop for bras? You’d think someone is hiding them or buying in bulk all the time. But no, actually it’s because it is the most common bra size.

That’s right, ladies. Cup size 36C is the average bra size for women. This is true for average sized women with average sized breasts. They key word there is average.

So if you are far off from being a 36C, it does not mean that you are not normal or anything. Whatever your size is, be loud and be proud. Although don’t go on around announcing your bra size to everyone, capisce?

3. Nipplegasm Is Not A Myth

both you and your partnerYou read that right. Although it would take an extreme amount of patience and a tremendous effort from both you and your partner, truth is, nipplegasms do happen.

Ask how, it’s by playing with the nipples, obviously. Ask howspecifically,it’s by stimulating the nipple, it secretes oxytocin, the chemical that is also responsible for vaginal contractions that lead to orgasms. Hence, the nipplegasm.

Do you feel the tingly sensation when you or your partner play with your nipple? Yes, that’s it. That little tickle can build up into one real orgasmic wave just like how it is naturally done. Anastasia Steele, anyone?

4. Your Boobs Can Make Any Man Dumbfounded For A Few Seconds

staring and falling in loveHere’s the truth, ladies: the first thing that a guy looks at are your boobs. No kidding. So when he says its love at first sight, he was literally staring and falling in love with your boobies.

Then of course with your beautiful face. It’s a man’s natural state that when they walk around, no matter how tall they may be, that their eyes are always at a woman’s chest level. No kidding.

Studies show that men who look are boobs more, clothed or naked, are happier and have lesser stress. So, don’t be offended if a guy gawks at your chest, especially if you’re showing a little skin anyway. As long as there is no touching, take it as a compliment. You’re actually doing humankind a favor if you flaunt those double dairy pillows once in a while.

5. Breast Enhancement And Augmentation Are The Most Popular Types Of Plastic Surgery

It is not even a surprise to learn this. Since boobs are the first thing that men look at, and a good set of boobs can make you feel more confident about yourself,

bigger and fuller breasts

it’s no wonder many women – and men – invest in breast enhancement and augmentation procedures.This makes breast augmentation the world’s most sought after and completed plastic surgery.

Having bigger and fuller breasts can make you feel good about yourself. It can also enhance your sex life in many ways. Many women have seen the positive effects of having fuller breasts and so they resort to having their boobies enhanced.

You may already be happy with your cup A, and that’s totally fine. But you have to admit, you’ve once or twice wondered how it would feel to have a cup C or D.

6. Nearly 80 Percent Of All Women Are Wearing the wrong bra size.

Here’s a tip: for correct back support, the straps of your bra should be parallel to your waist line.

lingerie boutiqueWhen was the last time you went into a lingerie boutique and asked to be fitted? Some may say a long time ago, some may even say never.

When you were younger, you probably tried convincing yourself that you are big-breasted by wearing large cup sizes of bra. Without having it corrected, you have worn the same size up to now.

Now is the perfect time to get fitted. An incorrectly fitted bra can have side effects like breast pains or even back pains, and they do not look good on your outfit.So you may think you’re a C when you’re actually a D. Or you are actually a B but you’re wearing C. That breast pain will never go away. You’ll never know unless you go to a professional and get your right fit.

7. Smoking Will Lead To Saggy Boobs

Smoking is badSmoking is bad. It’s bad for your health, it’s generally bad for all parts of your body and it’s also bad for your breasts.

The harmful chemicals in cigarettes that have adverse effects to the elastin in your body can lead to making your breasts look saggy. Saggy breasts are unappealing.

Apart from that and quite obviously, smoking can lead to cancer. Yes, breast cancer included. This just goes to confirm that smoking is not a good habit and if you want to have a healthier body, you should quit.

Smoking is bad. End of story.

8. The Average Weight Of One Boob Is Just About A Pound

Just About A PoundYes, that is the average weight. If you think it’s heavier, you are probably just imagining it or you are feeling the weight of your chest and shoulder areas.

One pound may seem too light, like comparable to burger patties light, but it is the average weight of one boob. Of course, your two boobs would mean two pounds, as well.

9. Giving Names To Your Boobs Will Make You Feel Good And Confident About Them

This may seem funny but it’s actually true. Studies show that giving your twin boobies names would make you feel comfortable, confident and better about them.

confidentIt’s more so like a pep talk or a psych up for your brain, the same thing is done to your boobs.

You can talk to them if you’re bored. You can have them psych you up before a job interview or a presentation.

Do you see those women who look at the mirror and giving themselves a pep talk?Try: “Flotsam, Jetsam, do not fail me today.” There’s nothing wrong with making friends with all of your body parts, as loony as that sounds.

Do not, however, do this in public, for obvious reasons.

10. Your Boobs Are Made Of Fat And Milk

So you think it is all meat and flesh and whatever that watery substance that makes your boobs soft and bouncy? Actually, your boobs are made of fat and milk.

production of milk
Photo by ParentingPatch / CC BY-SA

To be specific, your boobs contain lobules. These lobules have alveoli which are the responsible for production of milk and where milk is produced, when the time is right. Basically, your breasts are good and ready for the production of milk from the moment you start growing them.

The remaining parts of your boobs are fats and tissues and ligaments that basically make up the entirety of your boobies. The specifics did not sound as appealing? That’s fine. You don’t get to see it inside anyway. You still have skin to cover it and make the overall appearance look comfy, inviting and snugly.

Your boobs are your twin glories and you should know all the nitty-gritty, down and dirty, lefts and rights, so you can use them to their full potential. No small fact undiscovered, no stone left unturned, your body is your temple and you should know everything about it, from top to bottom. Clue: Your Body is a Wonderland.