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Too Much of a Good Thing: 14 Style Strategies for Big Busted Women

Having large busts is both a blessing and a curse. Yes, they are almost every woman’s envy, but they can also attract undesirable attention. Choosing the right clothes can ward off this type of attention. However, most ready-to-wear garments are designed and tailored for small or medium-sized breasts,which then make it hard for big-breasted women to find the right outfits.

If you are having difficulty finding the right clothes that will compliment your figure and express your style without revealing too much, here are 14 style strategies that can help big-busted women like you:

1. Find The Perfect Fitting Bra

Before worrying about what top to wear, you should first find an undergarment that can flatter your assets. According to a survey, almost half of all women wear wrong bra sizes.

If you have big breasts, one obvious sign you are wearing the wrong bra size is the leaking of breast tissues from the cups, sides and back.

Finding the perfect fit is tricky. You just have to remember these three things when shopping for bras:

  • Choose a bra that provides enough support.
  • Find a bra that provides enough covering and feels comfortable.
  • Ask for help from the outlet consultant if you have no idea about your current bra size.

Finding the perfect fit for uneven breasts is even more difficult.

Thin-Strapped Tops2. Just Say No To Thin-Strapped Tops

Big breasts are heavy. This one is pretty obvious. If you are trying to ward off other people’s attention,wearing a spaghetti-strapped top won’t help.

Thin straps can’t provide enough support for the weight, and you’ll end up revealing too much cleavage as your breasts weigh down the neckline.

Halter Dresses3. Halter Dresses Are Convenient And Sexy

Halter tops or dresses have thick straps that provide enough support and not too plunging necklines that can provide enough cover on the chest area. It can make you look sensual by revealing your sexy shoulders and collarbone as it takes away the focus on your breasts.

4. Avoid Wearing Baggy Or Excessively Loose Clothes

Loose and baggy clothes can make your figure, and your busts look even bigger and saggy. You don’t have to wear tight-fitting clothes either. Instead, choose slightly loose clothes or outfits with a slim fit to accentuate your figure.

The fabric also matters, because some type of fabrics clings to the skin, while some are too firm. Choose fabrics that hit all the right curves as it conceal the ones you want to hide.

Turtle necks And Closed Necks5. Skip The Turtle necks And Closed Necks

Wearing turtlenecks and rounded tight necklines can make anyone look like they have a big single boob. Because the fabric firmly extends all the way up to the neck, it won’t’ emphasize the curvy details on your chest and instead create an illusion of having a huge and heavy uni-boob. This is certainly not the way you want to sidetrack people’s attention.

6. Opt For Sexy V-Necks

Sexy V-NecksU-necks or scoops, and V-necks can make you look tall and thin as they create an illusion of a proportionate figure.

Just make sure you are not revealing too much by avoiding scoops and V-necks with low plunging necklines.

7. Wraps High light The Right Curves

Wrap blouses and dressesWrap blouses and dresses are great for curvy women with big breasts and women with big breasts, but small hips. A wrap emphasizes the top part of your body as it creates an illusion of a curve of your waist and a wide hip. Overall, wraps create a proportioned look. Wear a maxi wrap dress for an elegant, feminine look.

8. Choose Snug Jackets

Snug JacketsJackets are a nice addition to your trendy outfits and an effective way to avoid unnecessary attention. However, it is important to choose a type of jacket that compliments your body type.

Long and boxy jackets can make you look heavy and straight-bodied. Formfitting jackets nipped in at the waist define the curves and makes you look slim and tall.

9. Forget The Heavy Knits

KnitwearKnitwear is stylish and comfortable depending on the season, but wearing thick and heavy knitted clothes can make you look bigger than you really are. You don’t have to avoid wearing knits completely. Pick thin and finely-knitted clothes that fit your size well and still keep you warm and comfy.

10. Wear Attention-Grabbing Bottom Pieces

eye-catching bottom pieceAvoid wearing tops with ruffles and excessive decorations, but wear trendy, eye-catching bottom pieces.

Wear a simple top, because embellished tops will attract more attention to your upper body. Chic bottom pieces will distract people’s attention away from your huge assets.

11. Get It Tailored

Get It TailoredFinding clothes that fit perfectly is difficult for most big-breasted women. This is because most clothes manufacturers presume that women with big breasts have large bodies, as well. This is not always the case. If you find tops or dresses that you love, but find them unflattering to your figure, have them tailored. Investing with a little extra money will be well worth it.

12. Pick The Right Accessories

AccessoriesIf you love wearing accessories that go together with your outfits, choose pieces, particularly necklaces that draw away any undesirable attention on your front.

Do not wear necklaces that droop on your bust line or those with long chains that will hang off and swing like a pendulum. Pick short necklaces with statement pendants that highlight your neck and face.

13. Rock A Flare Dress

Flare DressIf you have big breasts, but have narrow hips, A-line and shift dresses are much better than wearing body-hugging dresses. They keep the chest area tucked in, because they flare all the way down, creating a proportionate illusion. On the other hand, tight-fitting dresses do emphasize your busts, but they also emphasize your narrow hips.

14. Layer Your Outfits With The Right Jackets

Layer Your Outfits With The Right JacketsIt is often difficult for women with large busts to pull off button-ups and lapel blazers or jackets. Never the less, this should not stop you from layering your outfits with fashionable cover-ups.

Leaving button-ups open will make your outfit more stylish, and collar free blazers will lay flatly against your chest.

To the ladies with A or B size and reading this, do not lose hope just yet. You can turn your cup size from A to C with the use of Total Curve breast-enhancing products. It comes in gel and pills, that when used together, will get you the cup size you desire.

If you have large breasts and find it difficult to find clothes that flatter, but will not expose too much, just follow these 14 style strategies and you’ll find it easier to mix and match outfits. You can look fashionable and curvy without attracting the wrong type of attention. Flaunt what you have in a classy way.