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Breast Lift Without Surgery: 7 Natural Breast Enhancement Tips

Droopy breasts become an issue when a woman reaches her middle age and her body gradually loses some of its tightness and firmness. This is when women try to find ways to lift their breasts and make them as firm as before. When talking about breast lifts, there are many ways to attain firmer and fuller breasts.

knife to sculpt your breastsYou can either go under the knife to sculpt your breasts, or apply natural tricks to breast lift without surgery.

Most women dread undergoing breast implant surgery, because of the expense, side effects and unpredictable results. This is why natural breast lift techniques are becoming more popular these days.

Most women prefer tips to breast lift without surgery because they are safe and bring the most effective results.The various natural techniques of breast lift without surgery will help you create an attractive figure and boost your self-esteem and confidence.

7 Effective Tricks to Breast Lift Without Surgery

Below are mentioned some of the effective, safe and non-invasive methods to improve your breast size and shape for an amazing body and boosted confidence.

  • push-upsBreast Enlargement Exercises: Natural breast lift exercises such as chest press-ups, push-ups and chest fly will help strengthen the muscles underneath your breasts.
    When done regularly, these exercises will lift a droopy or saggy bust and make it look fuller and firmer. 

Although you need to be persistent and regular to see noticeable results of breast enlargement exercises, they are much safer and effective. You can also make use of specialized equipment for breast exercises, such as dumbbells to increase your chances of attaining full and firm breasts in a very short time. 

  • HypnosisBreast Enlargement Hypnosis: This treatment to breast lift without surgery may seem weird and unusual, but it has been shown to be a beneficial means of enlarging your breast size and shape. The hypnosis treatment makes use of visualization sessions and constant motivation to achieve your desire for firmer and attractive breasts. 

Most hypnosis treatments teach you the benefits of having bigger and firmer breasts and the outcome of having smaller and droopy breasts. Experts suggest incorporating other mindful techniques like breathing exercises and meditation to help trigger the right thoughts to pursue firmer breasts the natural way. 

  • Natural Breast Augmentation SupplementsNatural Breast Augmentation Supplements: Natural supplements are undoubtedly one of the most popular ways to breast lift without surgery.
    There are numerous herbal supplements available on the market that aim to make your breasts fuller and firmer.
    The active natural ingredients included in natural breast augmentation supplements are clinically tested and tried for their effectiveness in natural breast lifting. 

Consumption of natural supplements, like those from TotalCurve, enhances the secretion of female hormones such as estrogen that stimulates the enlargement of breast tissues, just like in pregnant women. The great thing about natural breast augmentation supplements is that they are completely natural, safe and free of any severe side effects.

  • growthBreast Enhancement Pumps: Breast enlargement pumps are widely used by women who desire a natural breast lift without involving any invasive techniques. These pumps work by applying pressure on the breasts, which triggers the growth of breast tissues. 

Pumps are available in both electric and manual versions. The pump contains cups that attach to the breasts. Pressure is applied via the pump, which pulls up the epidermis and creates a small gap. This gap gradually fills with more tissues to increase the breast size. 

  • masseursBreast Massage: Another technique to breast lift without surgery is breast massage, which is a popular means of enlarging the breasts in many Asian countries.
    You can find masseurs that offer breast massage services, but if you are not comfortable getting a breast massage by a massage technician, you can learn the technique and perform it in the comfort your home.
    There are websites that describe the natural breast lift massage procedure in detail. 

handThe massage process involves stroking the nipples, kneading the breasts gently, and clasping the breasts in both hands and moving them several times in anticlockwise and clockwise directions.

Massaging your breasts a few times a week will help to increase their size. However, be aware that if done incorrectly, breast massage can do more harm than good. Therefore, you must learn to perform the techniques correctly before massaging your breasts. 

  • creamsBreast Enhancement Gels and Lotions: Massaging your breasts with breast enlargement gels and creams is yet another safe way to breast lift without surgery.
    These gels are composed of natural active ingredients that trigger the production of estrogen and stimulate the growth of breast tissues, which in turn increases the size and firmness of the breasts. 

A few of the active and effective herbal ingredients in popular breast enhancement gels are fennel seeds, saw palmetto and fenugreek. In addition to using a gel for breast firming, you can also use a mask that improves blood circulation in the breasts and helps firm them. 

  • Wear A Good Fitting BraWear A Good Fitting Bra: Most women shrug off the importance of wearing a properly fitted bra, but it is important if you want to maintain the shape and firmness of your breasts.
    You may be surprised, but a correctly fitted bra can naturally lift your breasts and make them look appealing. Many women are not aware of their own breast size.


They wear bras of the incorrect size, which gradually changes the appearance of their breasts.

If your bra is loose or very tight, the muscles of your breasts are greatly affected. Consult a specialist to help you find a correctly fitted bra if you are unable to figure out your correct bra size.

Finding ways to breast lift without surgeryFinding ways to breast lift without surgery is fast becoming a fashion among women.

With the mental and physical satisfaction of using natural means and products for breast enlargement and firmness, more and more women are choosing these treatments over invasive treatments like breast implant surgery.