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Lookalikes: Mind Boggling Plastic Surgery Impersonations

Plastic surgery is pretty common nowadays, but some people really take it to another level. There are many maniacal fans who seek plastic surgery procedures just to look like their favorite celebrities. Aren’t they crazy? Here is a list of few such extreme plastic surgery impersonations:

1. Herbert Chavez, Superman Fan:

It was a pretty easy task for Clark Kent to change into superman. But for Herbert Chavez, changing into his favorite comic character took around 16 years and multiple plastic surgeries.

This 35-year-old man from Calamba City, Philippines has undergone myriads of plastic surgeries including lip liposuction, nose jobs, pectoral implants, skin whitening and jaw correction, as well as abdominal implants just to look exactly like his superhero, Clark Kent.

massive amount of moneyHerbert has spent more than $7,500 just to replicate his idol, which is a massive amount of money for an average person in the Philippines.What has this money gotten him? Well, for starters he has not even a single frown on his face. According to Herbert, he has accomplished his mission not to save the world, but to make children happy. He is extremely pleased with how he looks today.

Herbert is gaining local popularity as people want to talk and pose with him for the camera. Filipinos in his neighborhood are all too excited to find a real-live superman. And, whenever Herbert wants to relax as a human, he just puts on a pair of glasses to be Clark Kent. Instead of focusing on his life and career, he is busy imitating a fictional character. It’s a beautiful idea to make children smile, but it can be better done with a superman costume and makeup, don’t you think?

2. Tony Sheldon, Justin Bieber Look-Alike:

Justin Bieber
Photo by Daniel Ogren / CC BY

Tony Sheldon, a 33-year-old Bieber addict, has spent more than $100,000 on plastic surgery procedures and a precious five years to look like Justine Bieber.
Sheldon underwent a chin reduction, hair transplants, Botox injections, face fillers and eyelid surgery to duplicate his idol appearance.

The charming baby face of Justine was Sheldon’s inspiration and this motivated him to restructure his complete appearance through plastic surgery.

A three part smile surgery is the latest procedure he underwent to turn his frown upside down. And, now he believes that he has a cute smile just like his inspiration.

liquor storeWith so many surgeries to his name, Sheldon has attained youthfulness and appeal as he now looks under 18. He was happy narrating a story when he was turned away from a liquor store because he did not look 33. Currently, Tony is not satisfied with his looks and is considering more procedures to replicate Justine completely. Would any sensible guy spend $100,000 to look like Justin Bieber? It makes you wonder.

3. Valeria Lukyanova, Living Barbie:

BarbieAt one glance, you will wonder if she is a Barbie doll. But, upon a closer look, you will discover there is a real woman under heaps of makeup. Valeria Lukyanova, popularly referred to as the “Human Barbie,” looks exactly like a living version of the plastic Barbie doll.

Her large boobs, golden tresses, tiny waist, upright posture, somber looks and almost alien-like makeup make her no less than a real Barbie. Although Valeria’s features look natural, her body appears weird and plastic.

diet and exerciseShe has undergone breast surgery to augment her breasts, but she claims that her tiny waist is a result of strict diet and exercise. Recently, she took the world by storm after claiming that she is a “breatharian.” This is a term to indicate a person who lives on air and does not eat or drink. While this may seem an unbelievable tale, Valeria considers that food is not necessary for life.

Her motive is to survive on air and light alone. Valeria also believes in reincarnation and claims to have been in contact with beings from other planets and her real motive is to promote her “spiritual ideas.” What do you think? Is she a real girl, or an alien dropped accidently by a UFO onto our planet?

4. Justin Jedlica, Ken Doll:

Ken DollJustin Jedlica, a 34 year old guy has spent more than $100,000 on approximately 90 plastic surgeries in his adamant quest to look like Ken.

At first, you may think he is a gym addict and rightfully earned those beautifully sculpted muscles. But, no, his muscles are more artificial and plastic than flesh.

His upper body is drastically altered with the help of silicone implants. In order to emulate the perfect look of Ken, he underwent series of implants and surgeries, including biceps and triceps implants, six pack implants and pectoral implants.

To make his rump harder and perkier, Justin decided to thrust some implants as an alternative to working out. He had to undergo 13 sessions of implants to get that tight butt. Well, this was just the starting point of his journey.

getting himself transformedDuring the last ten years, he had undergone 90 different procedures just to fulfill his fascination to look like his idol, the Ken doll. When asked about his experience with surgeries, Justin admitted that he is obsessive about getting himself transformed through surgical procedures. He likes breaking the usual norms and wants to undergo something that is very peculiar.

What’s fun in achieving something that is all artificial? Like a plastic doll, Justine’s “muscles” are all fakes. Instead of putting himself under so much torture, he could have adopted some tried and true natural and human ways to look attractive and fit.

5. Vanilla Chamu, French Doll:

DollVanilla Chamu, a Japanese model, has shelled out more than $100,000 bucks on cosmetic procedures just to emanate the looks of a French doll. And, she is not content yet.

She is planning even more rigorous procedures. In her adamancy to look like a French doll, Chamu has undergone about 30 surgeries.

When asked about her obsession to look like a doll, she explained that as a young girl, she was teased because of her not-so-beautiful appearance.

When she shared her traumatic experience with her father, he brushed away her innocent feelings, saying she was undoubtedly ugly and she should accept the fact.

eyelash implantsThe ignorance of her father traumatized her further, and that is when she decided to look like a French doll. Now, she has planned to get a limb lengthening procedure done in order to become taller, which is in fact one of the most extreme of all procedures she had endured yet. Vanilla has undergone dimple creation, eyelash implants, liposuction, and breast implants.

She insists on having more surgeries until she attained her ultimate goal to look like a French doll. Seeing how Vanilla had to suffer because of childhood experiences, it is clear she was deeply hurt.

But, is that reason enough? We could definitely understand her feelings, but she may have taken things a bit too far. It’s time doctors warned her that she has had enough.

Surgery of any type is painful and who knows what kind of mindset such people have to enjoy it. Instead of resorting to risky treatments, such as cosmetic surgery, there are many other safe ways to attain fuller breasts and beautiful skin. Experts recommend women use gels and supplements for reputable companies like TotalCurve in order to make their bust curvier, sexier and bigger naturally and safely.