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Top 10 Questions on the Bra – Breast Cancer Connection

Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in women all over the world. World Health Organization statistics show that at least one in eight women will develop a malignant and aggressive breast tumor in her lifetime. It is especially unfortunate for poor and third-world countries where detection may happen to the late stages of the cancer, or when it has already spread. Early detection is the key to battling and beating cancer.

Breast cancer is just one of the many breast ailments and problems that a woman can encounter in her lifetime. There are other non-life threatening conditions that, although may not seem scary, but will definitely give discomfort.

Conditions such as lumps in the breasts and cysts may seem bothersome at first, but can be easily treated and taken off.

Other conditions, such as itchiness and redness of the skin around the breasts are treatable, but the discomfort of the condition and the treatment process is not something most women look forward to.

For many women, wearing a bra is an essential in every way. It keeps the breasts in place while you move around and prevents them from bouncing around, which could cause breast and chest pains. There are women who opt not to wear bra every day, but every woman has at least one and wears it when she deems necessary.

It is no question that bras were invented to provide comfort for women, but over the years, women have raised many questions as to how a bra really works to keep your breasts healthy. Here are the most common questions women ask, and their answers.

1. Is A Too Tight Bra Not Healthy?

tight fitting bra
Photo by nikoretro / CC BY-SA

A straightforward answer to that question is yes. A tight fitting bra may cause discomfort in the least, and serious breast problems at most, to the extent of breast cancer.

Some women are fond of wearing a tight fitting bra with the objective of adding curves to their body and flaunting their breasts more. While the endeavor is not wrong, wearing a bra that is too tight for comfort is not healthy.

A tight fitting bra can block the circulation of the blood, which is necessary to deliver much-needed nutrients to the breasts and other parts of the body. At the same time, it cuts off the lymph system drainage and passages around the breasts. This alone can be a cause of several breast problems, including breast and chest pains. It could even lead to the formation of breast cancer.

2. Is A Too Loose Bra Not Healthy?

Is A Too Loose Bra Not HealthyCompared to a tight fitting bra, a loose bra may not have the severe implications that can lead to breast cancer. However, it can still give discomfort if a woman wears it on a regular basis.

While it is no question that most women find comfort in wearing anything that is loose, most women have the wrong size bras that are too loose to begin with and offer no support.

A loose bra will not secure your breasts in place and will have them moving around a lot when you also move around. Because the insides of your breasts are flesh, tissues and muscles, too much movement can strain them and cause pain, which will make your breasts saggy. The discomfort is curable, but the overall experience is not pleasant.

3. What Is Causing The Itchiness And Red Spots On My Breasts?

not comfortable with the materials and fabric in your braItchiness and red spots on your breasts are common and treatment is fast and easy. There are several causes of these conditions.

Either you are not comfortable with the materials and fabric in your bra, or the red spots may be a form of a skin allergy. The itchiness may be a cause of discomfort if you don’t treat it immediately and the red spots may even leave a scar.

In cases where the itchiness does not go away and there are more red spots forming, you will need to consult your doctor and undergo some tests, as it may already be a serious breast condition. This is why it is important that you monitor and always take note of the changes that your breasts undergo, so you can see if there is anything less than normal that is forming.

4. Can Underwire Bras Cause Breast Cancer?

Underwire Bras
Photo by LinguistAtLarge / CC BY-SA

First of all, you should wear a bra that is rightly your size. Just like wearing shoes that are your size: too tight can cause pains and too loose will make the shoes slip off.

So the question if an underwire bra can cause breast cancer can be easily answered with a no, as long as you are wearing your size. If anything, it prevents it because it keeps your breasts in its rightful position.

Many women opt to wear a bra that has underwire because of its ability to push the breasts up, therefore giving a cleavage effect, which can be perfect for dresses or blouses that are cut to flaunt your breasts. So, scratch off the myth of wearing an underwire that may cause breast problems.

5. Will Wearing A Bra All Day Increase The Risk Of Having Breast Cancer?

The answer is a formidable noThe answer is a formidable no. Wearing a bra all day may actually be healthy for your breasts. It keeps the breasts in place, secures it from your movements and prevents it from getting saggy.

There have been myths and beliefs stating otherwise and that is what started the concern as to whether or not wearing a bra is really good for you.

If anything, wearing a bra all day can be a source of comfort. Having your breasts bounce around with all your movements the whole day may not be a fun thing and it may even cause breast pains at the end of the day. So, wearing a bra throughout the day, especially if you have big breasts, is quite all right.

6. Will Not Wearing A Bra Cause Breast Cancer?

Not Wearing A Bra
Photo by Fashionby He / CC BY

No, it will not cause breast cancer. Many women, especially in the western culture, are fond of not wearing bra. This is for many reasons, including tampering down the heat, but it is also a touch of fashion for some.

There are dresses or blouses that would not look good when worn with a bra. Others just do not wear a bra at all – ever.

While this may not cause serious breast problems, not wearing a bra, especially if you have big breasts can lead to your discomfort and pain. It may cause chest pains, breast and muscle pains, and even pain in your ribcage. Not wearing a bra may also lead to saggy breasts when you are older.

7. If I Wear Bra All The Time, Will It Prevent Breast Cancer?

heredityNo. Breast cancer is caused by other factors that are not connected with wearing a bra. Breast cancer may be caused by hormones, lifestyle, heredity and not having a normal weight.

These factors have little to no connection with wearing a bra, and are therefore not connected to the body and the breasts developing cancer. Wearing a bra, however, will prevent breast and chest pains that may come from not wearing one all day or during strenuous activities.

8. Why Is Wearing A Bra All Day Giving Me Breast And Chest Pains?

Chest PainsEasy answer: Your breasts, like your body, need a breather and rest from all the pressure and tension. That means wearing a bra all day may cause some muscles to tense up, therefore that tension needs to be released.

It’s like wearing a tight dress or tight all day. At the end of the day, it will feel relaxing to take them off and change into your comfortable home clothes.

9. I Have Small Breasts. Would That Exempt Me From Developing Breast Cancer?

Small BreastsThe answer is no. Breast cancer does not depend on your breast size. It can happen to anyone, especially those who live an unhealthy lifestyle.

You may have big or small breasts, but there is still the possibility of developing cancer, especially since it may be caused by factors that are not related to breast size, like family history, hormones, lack of exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

So basically, size does not matter. But to prevent it from happening, whatever your cup size may be, you need to live healthy. Avoid vices like drinking, smoking, eating junk food and being sedentary.

10. How Can I Prevent Any Of These Breast Problems With A Bra?

Wear a bra that is your size
Photo by Lies Thru a Lens / CC BY

The answer is simple and straightforward: Wear a bra that is your size. Many bra and breast problems stem from not wearing the right size for you.

Therefore, it is important that you are measured up regularly, so that you know and wear the right bra size. This will not only be comfortable but will also prevent breast problems.

If you have gained or lost weight, had a baby, are pregnant or have experienced any changes to your body for whatever reasons, it is time to take your measurements. The proper fit is not only key for comfort, it could save your life.

As far as bras go, one has been invented and dubbed as a cancer-detecting bra and is being described as “better than a mammogram.” This bra, which looks like a sports bra, has several functions, including sensors that can track your temperature and keep a record of it.

There are also sensors to detect any tumors or anything foreign in your breasts. While it is still going through some tests and is awaiting final FDA approval, it is no question that this bra can help women and the world in many ways.

pay attention to the healthEarly detection of breast cancer can help greatly in battling and defeating it. This is why it is strongly advised for women to have regular check ups.

Apart from the regular pap smear, you can also go through a mammogram to complete the package by checking the areas where it is more likely for women to develop cancer cells.

You need to pay attention to the health of your entire body, and this also includes your breasts.