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Breast Enlargement Injections: Tips and Warnings for Women

There are numerous breast enlargement procedures that can help to increase the size of your breasts. Among these, one that is very risky and not approved by the FDA is breast enlargement injections. The injections may cause severe side effects, including the need to remove both breasts.

Breast enlargement injections are cheaper than other modes of breast enhancement, such as saline and silicone implants.

Women who want to have their breasts augmented at a lower cost often make the mistake of getting breast enlargement injections. They mistakenly fail to consider thoroughly researching and understanding the hidden threats of breast injections.

Here are a few of the popular ways to get breast enlargement injections:

  • fat from the bodyFat Transfer Breast Augmentation Injections: This breast enlargement procedure involves the removal of fat from certain parts of a woman’s body and injecting it into the breasts to augment their size.
    Nowadays, doctors term this treatment as autologous fat transplantation.
    Others refer to it as micro-lipoinjection, because the surgeon uses liposuction to remove fat from the body and inject it into the breasts.
  • Stem Cell Breast Augmentation: Medical specialists call this technique stem cell breast enlargement, because the fat removed by liposuction also contains stem cells. It is not possible to inject stem cells alone into the breasts to increase their size. Surgeons combine stem cells with fat to ensure safe, effective breast enhancement.

Advantages Of Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Injections

areas of excess fatBreast enlargement using fat may bring the desired results. Fat is obtained from areas of excess fat and injected into the breasts for enhancement. The main advantage is that the procedure uses the woman’s own fat, so there is no need for implants. If it heals and works well, the breasts look bigger and natural. The incision for the liposuction procedure is small, only four millimetres.

Disadvantages Of Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Injections

The transfer of fat into the breasts requires the BRAVA system before the surgery. This system works by suction action.

bathingSuction cups are worn over the breasts for at least 12 hours for three to five weeks before the surgery. During the last week before the surgery, the patient wears the suction cups continuously and only removes them for bathing.

The application of the suction cups helps to stretch the breast tissues in order to create a space to inject the fat. The suction cups also increase the flow of blood into the area to aid in the survival of the injected fat.

monthsThe results of the fat injections may not be reliable without expansion by suction pumps. Doctors also recommend wearing suction pumps for at least three months after the surgery.

Limitations Of Breast Enlargement Injections

The expansion of breast tissues increases the flow of blood to the breasts, but it is unable to support a large amount of fat. It is possible to only inject small amounts of fat since fat lacks its own blood supply for survival. Fat injections only increase cup size. However, there is no such limitation in breast implants. Limitations of fat injections include the following:

  • sagging breastsNo Improvement In Sagging Breasts

While fat injections can assist in enlarging cup size, they will not improve the appearance of sagging breasts. A breast lift may be required to firm the breasts.

  • The Possibility Of Fat Survival

Injected fat does not have its own blood supply, so it depends on the blood supply in the breasts. This limits the amount of fat that can be injected into the breasts.

If too much fat is injected into the breasts, it is unlikely be reabsorbed into the body and may become hard. With the reabsorption of fat, there will be no increase in breast size.

  • Problems With Breast Screening Inspection

ProblemsBecause of the fat injected into the breasts, it becomes difficult to screen the breasts by mammogram. In some cases, mammograms have revealed calcification, which is linked to breast cancer in women.

However, a breast biopsy confirmed that there were no traces of breast cancer. Doctors found that the calcification shown in the mammograms occurred when the fat cells died and clumped together. These clustered calcifications were mistaken for those linked to breast cancers.

  • Is Breast Enlargement Injection Therapy Safe?

affordableSome women believe that this procedure is not as risky as having breast implants and that it may be an affordable breast enlargement procedure. However, this treatment may not produce effective results since the fat, when removed from one area, may not survive when injected into the breasts. Moreover, like any other surgery, this treatment is prone to infections.

Your doctor may not promise that after the surgery, the results will be 100 percent. In some cases, the injected fat may damage the surrounding tissues, causing tearing of the breast flesh and permanently damaging the breasts.

It is wise to consult with your doctor to discuss the possible side effects of the breast enlargement injections procedure.

Other Types Of Breast Enlargement Injection Procedures

breast enlargement injectionBesides fat injections for breast augmentation, there are many other types of breast enlargement injections. These are discussed below:

  • Hormone Breast Enlargement Injections Therapy: Hormone injections are yet another way to increase the size of the breasts. The hormones that are used are those secreted during puberty. Women who take birth control pills often experience an increase of their breast size because of the increase of the same hormones.

Some women believe that hormone breast enlargement injections are a natural way of achieving an increased bust size, but pumping your body with higher dosages of hormones can be risky. High doses of estrogen hormones can be the cause of breast and uterine cancer. Therefore, most doctors do not usually prescribe hormonal injections for breast enhancement.

  • silicone breast enlargement injectionsSilicone Breast Enlargement Injections” Most skilled surgeons do not recommend the use of breast enlargement injections, because when they inject silicone in its liquid form, it may cause permanent damage to the tissues.
    Silicone may also lead to the growth of tumors. In some cases, there is a probability of the liquid silicone seeping through the lungs and chest area, which may cause nausea, dizziness, breathing difficulties, and even death.

Breast enlargement injections may seem like a simple and economic solution for increasing bust size when compared to invasive surgery, but they are by no means safe. It is highly advisable to look for other breast enlargement techniques before considering breast enlargement injections because of the dangerous side effects they may cause.