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How to Attract a Scorpio Man – Manstrology Mastery for Women

“It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key.”

Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom during the Second World War, spoke these words referring to Russia. Surprisingly, these words aptly describe a typical Scorpio male. If you want to attract a Scorpio man, you must be able to see through the mystery and open the secret doorway to his heart.

Here, you will learn how to find the secret doorway and the magical key that unlocks it. In this sense, you can think of this article as a treasure map to a Scorpio’s heart. So, are you ready for the adventure to begin? Great, let’s start.

Scorpio: The Eighth Zodiac Sign

People born between October 21 and November 20 fall under the eighth zodiac sign, Scorpio. Usually, such people are passionate, in control, and powerful. Fostering a relationship with a Scorpio requires that you prepare yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally for an intense experience.

How to Seduce a Scorpio Man

The complexity of the seduction process unravels itself when you clearly know what the other person wants. Scorpio men, however, are extremely adept at cloaking what they want. They seldom reveal their inner intents to anyone. There’s no angle with which to work them, and no hook with which to bait them.

Albeit challenging, successfully seducing a Scorpio is immensely rewarding because they make extremely loyal partners who believe in deep love. Fortunately, the advice here on how to seduce a Scorpio man will prepare you to meet these challenges head on and come out triumphant.

1. First Rule in Seducing a Scorpio: Don’t

If you want to learn how to seduce a Scorpio male, then you must know that Scorpios have an innate ability to look through the surface and see what lies beneath. Frivolous seduction techniques or parlor tricks don’t work on Scorpios; they see it coming from miles away.

Do not begin your interaction with a Scorpio with seduction in mind. Instead, focus on presenting your authentic self. Anything less will fail in attracting Scorpio men.

2. Get a Handle on Who You Are

Scorpios don’t like dishonest behavior, and they are naturally good at detecting shallowness or flakiness. Before you attempt building a relationship with a Scorpio, dive deep within until you discover your core values. Unless you connect with your innermost beliefs and principles your actions, gestures, and words will lack the power of authenticity.

Use the following exercise to unearth your core values:

  • Get a Handle on Who You AreThink of a recent situation in which someone or something hurt you. It doesn’t have to be catastrophically hurtful. Use any experience ranging from mildly annoying to deeply hurtful.
  • Re-create the situation in your mind with as much clarity and detail as possible.
  • Then ask yourself, “What about this situation upset me? Why did I let this upset me?”
  • Let the answers flow to you. Avoid categorizing your responses as right or wrong. Accept the thoughts that emerge without resistance. We recommend that you write down these thoughts.
  • Now, think of another situation and ask yourself the same question. Thereafter, write the thoughts that surface.
  • Repeat the process for two to three more situations.
  • Examine your notes and pay attention to common threads.
  • These common threads reveal what’s important to you. For instance, if you repeatedly find yourself getting upset when someone tells you what to do, then independence is one of your core values.

This exercise is of the greatest value when done once a week for two to three months. The outcome of this practice puts you in touch with your true nature and creates an inner environment where nothing superficial can survive. Achieving this state of inner harmony makes you incredibly attractive to a Scorpio guy and help you seduce a Scorpio.

3. Utter The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth

A foolproof philosophy on how to make a Scorpio man fall in love with you is to give it to him straight. Rather than being hurt by the truth, like those people are, Scorpios appreciate the honesty. Resist the temptation to wait for the right time; the right time never comes. Heavens forbid, if a Scorpio discovers that you have kept things from him, there will be hell to pay.

TruthBe tactful without being deceptive. You must understand that Scorpios don’t function this way because they don’t trust you. They are exceptionally gifted in sensing whether people are telling them the truth or not. They become uneasy when they know that they’re not seeing the entire picture and become uncomfortable. Thus, being truthful to a Scorpio is about making him feel comfortable and has little to do with trust.

A word of caution,don’t expect him to be the same with you. If there’s one thing that you can take for granted about a Scorpio it is that he will always have a secret. If you’re not okay with that, then a long-term relationship becomes difficult if not impossible.

4. Become Bare-Bones Beautiful

You must have realized by now that superficiality is not the answer to how to attract a Scorpio man. Those who think fancy jewelry, high-end makeup, top of the line clothing, fashionable accessories and trendy haircuts can attract a Scorpio male are deluded. You must be wondering, “If all this doesn’t work, then how to attract a Scorpio male?”

exercise regularlyThis is where the concept of becoming bare-bones beautiful comes into play. By this, we mean beautifying the basic or essential elements of your body. Therefore, you must eat well, get adequate rest, and exercise regularly. Living a healthy lifestyle improves the appearance of your body, revitalizes your skin, enhances your energy level, and keeps you disease-free. Focus on the details as well: ensure that your hair, nails, and teeth are maintained in their healthy natural form.

In case you want to complement your figure with a bust line to match, you can use breast enlargement treatments, such as the Total Curve Daily Breast Enhancement Therapy. Since you are using your natural assets to enhance your allure, Scorpios won’t see this as artificiality. But, using a push-up bra or breast augmentation surgery might come out as flaky behavior.

5. The Key to How to Attract a Scorpio Man: Put Him in the Driver’s Seat

Scorpios love to be in control of their environment at all times. This is because they feel comfortable in familiar surroundings. Pulling them out of their comfort zone is quite distressing for Scorpios. For this reason, when you’re dating a Scorpio allow him to make the plans. Although this doesn’t sound like a good proposition, it’s not as bad as you think because Scorpios are excellent planners.

dating a Scorpio

You can invest unwavering trust in a Scorpios ability to plan anything from a romantic evening to a million-dollar retirement nest egg. This does not mean that you don’t have a voice or a say in the matter. You are at liberty to disagree. But when you do so, articulate your objections clearly and communicate your suggestions promptly.

Scorpios like to be in control, but, they are not rigid. They’ll gladly accommodate your suggestions and opinions if you put them forth without challenging their authority.

6. It’s Not Personal, It’s Functional

If you’ve made up your mind to seduce a Scorpio man, you must learn how to deal with his temper. People belonging to different zodiac signs deal with confrontation in different ways. Scorpios choose to be vocal about their displeasure. They believe in tit-for-tat, eye for an eye.

That’s just the way they operate. Then a Scorpio is angry with you his immediate priority is to say or do things that hurt you. They will use every weapon at their disposal, even bringing up things from the distant past, to make you feel the pain. During such times, it is important that you remain impervious to the assault.

After a while, the Scorpio’s anger subsides and becomes receptive to reason. However, and angry Scorpio will temporarily lose his ability to see the merits of your point of view.

Also, remember to not say things that you don’t mean. Scorpios have an incredible memory and they can and will use your own words against you. It’s better to not say anything at all when dealing with the raging Scorpio. Like the wise King Solomon, you too should repeat the mantra, “This too shall pass.”

argumentThe Scorpio usually expresses his anger to only those he considers close. Therefore, a heated argument is a sign that you have made it into his inner circle. Scorpios also have a tendency to bottle up their anger and suddenly explode like a volcano for seemingly minor things.

You must recognize that this venting is never about the immediate situation at hand, but, a problem that has been brewing in his mind for quite a while. Such a kind of venting is healthy and can be a portal to a deeper relationship if you handle it properly.

Remaining mindful during volatile situations is difficult, but with practice, you can make progress. The end results are worth it.

7. Don’t Try to Peek Under the Hood of This Goal Setting Machine

Scorpios are well known for their ability to set and achieve goals. This allows them to become incredibly successful in life. But, they don’t divulge their plans to the outside world. They will never tell you what they are up to. If you try to force or cajole the information out of them, your Scorpio will shut you out.

Instead, look at the results they produce in their life and pay attention to how they spend their time. The results of most of the goals that Scorpios set are visible and measurable. By looking at what is changing in a Scorpios life, you will understand what he is building. In other words, he will never tell you about is diet or exercise plan, but, you will see an observable change in the way he eats and you will notice gradual signs associated with regular exercise.

celebrate his accomplishmentsWhen you see positive changes happening in a Scorpios life, compliment him on his achievement. Also, keep affirming your faith in his abilities and encourage him to scale greater heights.

When you put money into a vending machine, you take the candy bar and enjoy it without worrying about all the mechanical and electronic processes that happen within the machine. In the same manner, when you invest in a relationship with a Scorpio, celebrate his accomplishments and enjoy his success without worrying about the details.

8. A Scorpio Is a One-Man Multi-Theme Park

A Scorpio male is not particularly social. He prefers creating his own world than venturing into worlds created by others. When you’re dating a Scorpio, don’t try to pull him into your word. Instead, explore the world he has created for himself. Scorpios are magnificent people who create interesting, and often enchanting, lives.

They are multidimensional personalities who pursue diverse interests. Therefore, if a Scorpio lets you into his world, you are in for an amazing ride. But bear in mind, entry is strictly by invitation.

At the same time, you can build your own world and follow your passion. Shape your own life in parallel to his. When you discover mutual interests, be thankful. Under no circumstance should you forcibly try to make your paths meet. Since Scorpios are achievement driven people, they appreciate others who are the same.

Have your own goals and be determined to achieve them; a Scorpio will respect you a lot for this. In fact, they are attracted to strong women who have their lives and control.

9. The Binary World of the Scorpio Male

deepen your relationshipA lot of people have a gray point of view of the world; but not Scorpios. They view the world in black and white. Consequently, their attitudes reflect extremes. For example, they either like a movie or they don’t. You should be aware of this because you can use it deepen your relationship or avoid disastrous pitfalls.

Since Scorpios are clear about their preferences, they are easy to understand. Their behavior is predictable. That is why a relationship with a Scorpio can be astoundingly stable. So, if you are looking for a long-term partnership, then a Scorpio male is a good bet; however, if you constantly look for something new in a relationship, then dating a Scorpio might not be the best idea.

Needless to say, you cannot force a Scorpio to change his preferences. So if you think you can affect a change in his behavior once your relationship grows stronger, get that idea out of your mind right now. Before you get into a relationship with a Scorpio, get to know him and his preferences, and then ask yourself if you’re okay with honoring those preferences for the rest of your life. If the answer is not a yes, then don’t pursue the matter any further.

10. Be With Him in Mind, Body, and Spirit

A Scorpio appreciates undivided attention. When you’re with the Scorpio maintain strong and steady eye contact, listen actively, and participate in the conversation. Avoid multitasking; this means not texting while you’re speaking with him. If something important comes up, and you must act on it immediately, inform him that you need to address the concern and then take the required action.

Be With HimTry to be as much in sync with the Scorpio as you can. This does not mean that it has to be a one-way relationship in which you are constantly the listener and him the speaker. You can enjoy a good two-way conversation if you set up precise boundaries. When you switch from listener to speaker, let him know that.

Even though Scorpios seem a little self-centered, they are not. They just operate within strict boundaries. Once you recognize this fact and learn to maneuver yourself along the boundaries, you can establish a strong physical, mental, and emotional connection with the Scorpio.

11. Prepare Yourself for The Long Haul

Scorpios, because of their inherent nature, don’t let people into their lives easily. It takes time and effort to create a strong bond with the Scorpio. Relationship with a Scorpio grows incrementally; you will not see sudden spurts of expansion and growth. The cumulative effect of these incremental growths ultimately generates a wonderful partnership, but this will take many months. So, you need to ready yourself for this long but amazing journey.

If you have someone from this zodiac sign on your radar, consider your position in life before initiating contact.Don’t jump in headfirst; instead, dip your toes in the water and slowly wade your way to the deeper end. Of course, things become much easier if the Scorpio is interested in you.

unlocks the door to his heartSo look for signs that demonstrate his liking for you. The signs will be easy to spot because Scorpios reveal their outlook towards you at the beginning stages of your interaction. If the impression is favorable, build your bond gradually.

Now that you know how to attract a Scorpio man, you have the key that unlocks the door to his heart. Venture forth boldly, because there’s nothing turns a Scorpio man like a woman who knows what she wants and is not afraid to go for it.