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Pills for Bigger Breasts: Look for These 10 Ingredients

For many women, a beautiful face is not just enough. They have got to own those features that make up a great physique, too. Among those must-haves are big and full breasts. Those who are not born with them resort to solutions, like pills for bigger breast.

Long straight hair, white and fair skin, large breasts – these are just few of the many qualities that many women dream of having. So, why is having big bosoms an issue to people, anyway?

Smaller Breasts vs Bigger Breasts

While the primary purpose of the mammary glands is to provide milk to babies, many people appreciate them for their aesthetic purposes.

But, not all women are concerned about the size of the bra that they wear. They are not so intrigued about new products, like pills for bigger breast. In fact, many women enjoy the benefits of being flat-chested or having small breasts, including:

  • They do not have to bear with nasty looks and flirty comments from random men about their boobs. Yes, some people criticize small boobs but more often than not, they tend to point out larger breasts.
  • SleepingIt is easier to run, dance or move around with much vigor when you have small bosoms.
  • PMS is not as painful as with bigger breasts.
  • There is clothing that will not require the woman to wear a brassiere, which is easy with smaller boobs.
  • Sleeping is more comfortable. You can sleep on your chest and not complain of painful breasts in the morning.
  • Researchers at the University of Vienna found out that large breasts are less sensitive than small breasts by two percent.
  • There is less breast sagging. A certain French study discovered that tight materials, like bras restrict the growth of muscle tissues in the breasts.
  • Less wearing of bra means lesser risk for breast cancer.
    Studies have linked bras, especially the tight ones and those with underwire with the development of cancer.
  • reportsA study done by “Psychology Today,” reports that financially-secure men are more attracted to women with small boobs.
    Those who have bigger boobs attract men who have low socio-economic status.
  • There is less, or even no back pain with smaller breasts.

Yet despite all those pros of small breasts, many men and women still prefer big boobs. A significant number of women would still rather undergo breast augmentation or take pills for bigger breasts for the following reasons:

  • fertilityThey signify fertility.
  • There is still this rampant belief that those who have big breasts are more capable of breastfeeding.
  • They fill in clothes better.
  • A big or sagging tummy is less noticeable with big boobs.
  • Big breasts make a person more feminine.

Why Not Breast Implants?

pillsA woman can slip on silicone bra pads and wear push-up bras to make the boobs look bigger instantly.

However, many women who can afford to will get breast implants instead of waiting for the pills to make breast bigger to take effect.

Still, many women are still wary about having silicone or saline-filled bags “installed” on their chests for these reasons:

  • In general, many people are afraid of any surgery or procedure that involves cuts, slices, sutures, injections and knives.
  • The better breast implants are, the more expensive they can cost.
  • Studies show that some surgeries do not have desirable outcomes. Some even develop complications like implant ruptures and Toxic Shock Syndrome.
  • Breast implants tend to look obviously false.

Nature Can Help: Pills For Bigger Breast

made of artificial ingredientsWhen people hear the phrase “pills to make your breasts bigger”, they often get the notion that the pills are made of artificial ingredients or hormones. Many doctors usually discourage the use of pills, especially those that have estrogen and progesterone.

They say pills to make your breasts bigger, which have hormones can cause effects that come with them like:

  • Estrogen can make a woman bloat and/or gain weight.
  • Hormone pills can increase the size of the breast, but not specific to the breast tissue.
  • Too much estrogen in the system can cause negative side effects.

If you are interested in pills for bigger breast, but are skeptic, there is no need not to worry. There are pills that containing natural ingredients. These are the herbs and fruits that you need to look for in the label:

Ingredients to Look ForThe 10 Ingredients to Look For:

  • Wild Yam – The phytoestrogen, diosgenin is a breast enlarger, a sexual stimulant and a reproductive system enhancer.
  • Saw Palmetto – Saw palmetto counteracts the action of androgen. It also reverses the shrinking of the mammary glands.
  • Dong Quai – Although it does not exactly enhance the breasts, it aids in the balance of hormones and helps other ingredients in the pills for bigger breasts to be more effective.
  • Blessed Thistle – Aside from increasing the supply of milk, it promotes the growth of breasts by balancing the hormones.
  • Fennel – It contains estrogenic compounds that improve the size of the breast.
  • Pacific Kelp – Its phytoestrogen mimics the effects of hormone that trigger the growth of breasts.
  • Mother’s Wort – This promotes the natural enlargement of breasts.
  • Oat Grass – This has alkaloids, minerals, flavonoids and saponins to support a healthy balance of hormones.
  • DandelionHops Flower – Rich in flavonoids, this shrub enhances other ingredients for pills that make breasts bigger. It improves the mammary gland development.
  • Dandelion Root – This root gives way for the growth of new breast cells and tissues by removing toxins from the body.

Do you want to fill your chests with more flesh? If you are afraid to go under the knife or don’t have the time to put on pads, you may try pills for bigger breast. Many pills to make breast bigger contain ingredients from Mother Nature’s kitchen.