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11 Everyday Foods That Can Enhance Your Breasts Exceptionally

Firmer and fuller boobs are on every woman’s wishlist. This is why breast augmentation is one of the leading cosmetic surgical procedure women undergo today. Breast augmentation provides fast and striking results, but not without risks and possible complications.

There are a lot of non-invasive remedies available to enhance the breasts, such as exercise, massage, hydrotherapy and, of course, diet.

According to health experts, there is not enough scientific evidence to back up claims that diets can increase breast size.

However, it is hard to ignore natural remedies that may not only deal with bust size problems, but can nourish the whole body, as well.

Plants contain compounds called phytoestrogens that mimic the functions of estrogen in the body, and this may include stimulating breast tissues growth. Another hormone that can affect breast growth is testosterone, a male reproductive hormone also found in women, but only in small amounts. Too much testosterone in women can stagger breast development.

phytoestrogen-rich foodsWhen it comes to breast enhancing diets, these are two things you should remember. Add phytoestrogen-rich foods and foods that can suppress testosterone production in your diet, and limit intake that can boost testosterone levels. But, breast-enhancing foods are not limited to these types of foods. Your body needs a mix of vitamins and minerals for proper body functioning, including tissue growth.

Eat your way to better boobs with these 11 every day foods:

1. Milk Products

MilkEstrogen, progesterone and prolactin are reproductive hormones not exclusive to humans.

All mammals, including animals produce these hormones in their bodies to regulate reproductive functions.

Thus, it is no wonder that milk from animals contains little amounts of these hormones. Milk and other dairy products may encourage the growth of new breast tissues. However, this theory still lacks scientific evidence.

2. Soy And Soy Products

Soy And Soy ProductsSoybeans contain phytoestrogens or plant-based estrogen-like compounds genistein and isoflavones.

These phytoestrogens may help enlarge the breasts and may stimulate the release of other reproductive hormones in the body.

A lot of women desiring to increase their bust size prefer soy and other soy products as natural remedies. But, the National Institute of Health opposes this idea, saying that the use of soy for breast enlargement remains hypothetical. Edamame, tempeh and tofu are some of the soy products with the highest concentration of isoflavones.

3. Alfalfa Sprouts

Alfalfa Sprouts
Photo by Buelldm / CC BY-SA

Alfalfa grass is rich in nutrients, along with trace amounts of phytoestrogens in the form of isoflavones.

The NIH confirms that alfalfa can stimulate lactation in breastfeeding moms.

On the other hand, scientists remain skeptical about alfalfa’s use for breast growth. Fully-grown alfalfa is rough in texture and not great for cooking. Instead, you can use the seeds to add flavor to your dishes, and the sprouts in salads, soups and casseroles.

4. Fruits

FruitsSome of the fruits containing phytoestrogens are dried prunes, peaches, strawberries, raspberries and watermelon.

Dried prunes have the highest concentration that may help develop breast tissues.

Fresh fruits can also limit the production of testosterone in the body which can contribute to smaller breasts. The next time you reach for sugary sweets for dessert, opt for fresh fruits instead.

5. Nuts And Seeds

nutsWalnuts, pistachios, sesame seeds and flax seeds are among the nuts and seeds that contain phytoestrogen or estrogen-like compounds found in plants.

Phytoestrogens mimic the functions of estrogen, such as the stimulation of breast tissue growth.

Apart from phytoestrogens, nuts and seeds contain healthy fats and other nutrients that make them a nutritious addition to your diet. Another plant source of healthy fat is the super food, avocado.

6. Anise Seeds

Anise SeedsAnise seed is in a separate list because its breast-enhancing benefits do not mainly rely on its healthy fat content.

In a study of anise seeds, the result showed that it contains compounds, namely anethole, dianethole and photoanethole,
which increase the production of estrogen in the body. Anise seeds stimulate lactation, treat infertility and enhance the breasts.

7. Radishes

RadishesIn several studies, the findings suggest that radishes can enhance the breasts effectively.

It contains compounds with potent cleansing properties that can help improve blood flow to the body tissues, including the breasts.

Herbs like ginger and cayenne pepper can also improve overall blood circulation,which may help boost breast tissue growth.

8. Oily Fish

Oily FishNormally, most thin women have smaller breasts. This is because the breast tissues are mainly stored body fats that are corresponding to your weight.

Therefore, if you want bigger breasts, you will have to gain more weight, which is totally out of the question.

Choosing the right fats to eat is essential to maintaining your weight and sustaining your fat needs. You should know that not all fats are bad fats. Omega-3-fatty acids are healthy fats, which are abundant in salmon and other oily cold-water fish such sardines, herring and tuna. However, it is not advisable to include fish in your daily diet.

9. Protein Sources

meatProtein is one nutrient you should not skip on your breast enhancing diet. It is the building block of cells and hormones.

It plays a role in repairing and building tissues – characteristics that are all important for breast growth.

The best sources of good quality protein are meat, poultry, fish, quinoa, Greek yogurt and Goji berries.

Chicken broth or soup is popular among women aiming for bigger boobs, because they also contain estrogen. Many poultry and farms inject chickens with estrogen hormones to accelerate growth and reproduction.

10. Leafy Greens

AsparagusIn every list of healthy foods, leafy greens are never missing. This is because leafy greens are packed with nutrients the body needs,which is one reason you should include them in your diet.

Another reason to eat leafy greens is that they contain phytoestrogens that can help with your journey from an A to C cup size. Asparagus, kale, spinach, romaine lettuce and legumes are some of the leafy greens containing fair amounts of phytoestrogens.

11. Seafood

shellfishOysters are famous aphrodisiacs, and along with other seafood such as prawns, crabs and shellfish, they contain manganese, which increases estrogen levels and encourages the growth of breast tissues.

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Bigger breasts are every woman’s desire, but did you know that you can increase your bust size with foods? Yes, certain foods contain nutrients that can stimulate the growth of breast tissues.