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10 Big Reasons Why Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Every woman dreams about having the perfectly shaped and sized breasts. Most girls are never happy because they have small size breasts. In fact, some have even undergone breast implant surgery just to perk their boobs up.

Truly, a large amount of men admit to being attracted to a woman with large breasts. However, as Aristotle, an ancient Greek philosopher, would say: virtue lies in the middle. Many may consider bigger to be better, but a moderate sized breast should be preferred.

Here are some of the reasons why you shouldn’t kill yourself because your breasts are not bigger:

1. Physical Activities Can Be Painful

Have you ever been for a run or a jog without a bra? Working out without a bra, or without a properly fitting bra, can be very painful.

Physical Activities Can Be PainfulNow, magnify this for women who have superbly large breasts. Can you imagine the pain they must feel when trying to exercise, regardless of wearing a bra or not?

The up and down movement of the breasts will not only distract them, and of course others, but it will also cause you some pain. Indeed, large-breasted women are not finding it easy to perform some exercises such as jogging, running, and using the elliptical to perform certain workouts.

This is not the case with moderately or small breasted women. Some may say that there are, exercise bras for busty women. But, if you are too busty, you cannot prevent the breasts from moving up and down as you perform these physical exercises. Thus, your activity level will be limited.

2. Difficult To Find Bra Size

Difficult To Find Bra SizeIf you are not large breasted, then you may not understand what busty women undergo in order to find a suitable bra.

When small or moderately breasted women want to find a bra, they have a variety of options, both on and offline.

Yet busty women don’t easily find their right bra size. It may take them days in order to get their bra size. Most lingerie stores do not even carry all of the larger bra sizes.

It is because they are bought based off supply and demand. Not too many busty women are out there demanding, so the stores simply are not supplying for the larger endowed women.

special order a bra to be custom madeSome women are so busty that they cannot possibly find a bra to fit. The only viable option for women in this category is to special order a bra to be custom made. While to some this might seem exciting or unique, other women can become embarrassed by the situation.

3. Insulting Nicknames Associated With Large Breasts Can Be Unbearable

One of the problems facing large breasted women is the insulting names that others call them.

Dolly Parton
Photo by Eva Rinaldi / CC BY-SA

This is common among teenagers and students. They tend to make caricatures of their friend’s large breasts by giving them insulting nicknames.

In addition to mockery coming from the mouths of friends, there are also many cartoons and caricatures that subtly poke fun at well-endowed women. For example, Dolly Parton can hardly be remembered for her beautiful country voice. Instead, she is the blonde with the massive breasts.

The situation can become so dire that a woman may feel bullied or targeted with no way out. Some of these women resort to painful breast reduction surgery in order to end the disgrace and insult they receive from their peers.

There are stories of ladies that have died during breast reduction surgery. So, if you are small breasted, don’t think that bigger breasted women are finding it easy in society.

4. Drawing Undue Attention in Public

Another reason why it is not always better to be bigger is because it draws undue attention.

crowd or public placeOne of the complaints of busty women is that their large breasts draw unwanted and undue attention from everyone as they pass.

This makes them feel uneasy and uncomfortable staying in a crowd or public place.

Often times, no matter how much a woman covers up her curves, she simply cannot hide her shape. Turtlenecks, sweaters, and many other covering outfits can still flatter the chest area. Large breasted women have a difficult time escaping the unwanted attention, whether it is sexual or simply just curious.

Smaller breasted women can always put in silicone cutlets into their bras or wear push up bras. However, larger breasted women have no easy escape.

5. Difficult to Breastfeed A Baby

Breastfeed A BabyBelieve it or not, women with very large breasts normally find it difficult to breastfeed their babies.

To breastfeed, you have to first hold the breast and ensure that the baby is well latched. However, latching may not easily be achieved for larger breasted women.

Large breasts have the potential to make the child’s grip impossible. Naturally, children subtly grab the breast before sucking, but if the child cannot wrap its tiny hands around the breast then it cannot possibly be fed.

In addition, this ease of breastfeeding can be done in public if the child does not fuss about the grip. Typically, smaller breasted women have an easier and more nonchalant experience breastfeeding.

6. Bikinis May Not Be for Busty Women

BikiniDespite the fact that there are bikinis for all shapes and sizes, it can still be difficult for any women with large breasts. Even if there are bikinis for women who are very busty, they will not look good in them.

These bikinis tend to either be one pieces or more “motherly” looking. You never see a sexy two piece bikini catered solely to larger breasted women.

And, then the issue of fit comes in. What if you are naturally larger up top, but, you do not need the large bottom of the bikini.

shoppingIt is very difficult to find a store that allows you to mix and match your top and bottom bikini sets. So, larger busted women who specifically do not need an equally large bottom piece have a very difficult time shopping.

Consider yourself lucky if you find a sexy bikini that offers great breast support. The truth is that if you are busty then bikini season may just not be your thing.

7. Finding It Difficult to Lose Weight

Lose WeightMany women find themselves wanting to lose weight. We have already discussed how exercise is difficult for larger breasted women, but losing weight is also difficult.

We know, it just keeps getting worse and worse, right?

Breasts cannot possibly lose weight. Instead, fat can be lost and in turn breasts can look smaller; but there is not a great likelihood of this happening. Even worse, if a woman ends up losing an extraordinary amount of weight, and her boobs do not catch up. Then, she will look disproportionate.

8. Fashion Choices are Limited

Fashion ChoicesWhen it comes to fashion, bigger breasted women are disadvantaged in a number of ways. First, it is always difficult for them to find clothing that provides a perfect fit. Certain designs and fashions are simply just not an option for these women.

If you put on elastic waist shirts or dresses, your big breasts will lift up a large portion of the top and you will end up looking odd. Loose crop tops are also not an option for people with large breasts.

If you wear such tops and you are busty, then the tank will either slide over showing your main side boob or slide down showing your entire bra.

The same thing can be said of some other designs or types of clothes. If you wear a button-down shirt, then you may find it difficult to button up. The buttons will definitely disgrace you in the public as one will eventually pop open in front of everyone to see.

9. Look Older Than Your True Age

Look OlderBig breasted ladies look older than their actual age. Commonly, this issue is seen amongst teenagers. Once young women begin to develop breasts, they begin to look much more mature.

A girl who appears to be about seven could actually end up being 14 or 15. If you see them, then you may think that they are above their age. The same can also be said of busty women in their 30’s.

They look older in appearance. One of the causes is the limitation in fashion, and the other of course being the maturity level.

10. Your Large Breasts Could Be Unappealing

One part of a woman’s body that makes them appealing, sexy, and attractive to men is their breasts. However, the breast can lose its appeal if it becomes excessively large. Though, there are some men that naturally like busty women, most men do not see women that are too busty as attractive.

feel ashamedSome men who are attracted to busty women may feel ashamed to date them because of the way people will look at them or the woman when they go on a date. Even though a woman with larger breasts can be intelligent, charismatic, and absolutely charming, the stigma is that women with large breasts are bimbos.

As it is mentioned above, large breasts attract undue attraction and can make you an object of mockery.

Naturally, every man will likely be an object of both admiration and envy as he goes out with his woman.

It is not the best to have small breasts, but it is also not wonderful to be very busty. It is always better to have moderate sized breasts. The grass may appear to always be greener on the other side, but just remember that all breast sizes have their ups and downs.

Some women are so stressed-outSome women are so stressed-out because of their appearance that they turn towards drastic measures, such as surgery to get their boobs corrected. Do you also want to consult the surgeon for attractive boobs? Well, before trying such invasive procedures, why not try a safer, effective and natural option?

Any woman who is unhappy with their breasts does have options, though. In addition to push up bras and a few targeted chest exercises, women can purchase supplements that help to promote healthy curves. Herbal supplements are an easy and effective means to help make your breast look appealing.

Doctors highly suggest the Daily Breast Enhancement Therapy System from This website offers effective, yet natural supplements to help any woman achieve the curvaceous body she’s been after. The great thing about this procedure is that it is absolutely surgery-free. You just need to pop a daily supplement and apply firming gel to your breasts.