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8 Things Women Can Expect After Breast Augmentation

Every woman wants bigger breasts. Who doesn’t? But, it seems not all women are well-endowed on their front assets. According to statistics, the number of women undergoing breast augmentation continues to increase each year.

Breast augmentation is an invasive procedure for women who wish to enlarge, reduce or redo their breasts.

The majority of the women who undergo breast augmentation wanted to enhance their small breasts through implants,which are either saline-filled or silicone-filled.

The outcome of breast augmentation can create a huge change in a woman’s life, especially for women who have suffered from breast removal due to breast cancer. Smaller or uneven sizes and breast removal can make a woman feel inadequate and less confident about her body. After correcting these problems, a woman will feel confident about her looks and have a more positive self-image.

Breast augmentation is the most effective way to enhance the breasts, but like all other things, it has advantages and disadvantages every woman has to consider before deciding to go under the surgeon’s knife.

1. Breast Implants Can Rupture Or Leak

magnetic resonance imageThe implants can rupture or deflate for many different reasons after the procedure,
and there is no specific time of when these can occur. However, you can recognize a rupture or breakage with these signs:

  • Uneven breast size.
  • Pain or burning sensations on and around the operated area.
  • The appearance of lumps in the breast.

When a rupture occurs without the manifestation of these signs, undergoing a magnetic resonance image or MRI will confirm if a leakage has occurred.

According to the FDA, a heavy impact on the breast, implant overfilling or aging, or capsular contracture can cause breakage or deflation. If it is due to a capsular contracture or the expanding of scar tissue around the implant, the most effective way to recuperate your disfigured breasts is through another surgery.

2. Breast Implants Expose You To Health Risks

risk of getting an infectionExperiencing pain after the surgery is normal. However, it could lead to serious medical conditions that can jeopardize your health.

There is always a risk of getting an infection once you go through any surgical procedure, including breast augmentation.

There are cases when antibiotics may not effectively treat the infection. In the worst cases cenario, the implants will require surgical removal.

Another risk for breast augmentation is hematoma or the accumulation of blood around the implant. Hematoma can become a life-threatening condition and once it occurs;your doctor will have to determine the cause of the bleeding first.

3. The Recovery Period Can Be Long

How much time can you spendHow much time can you spend out of work? Is there anyone who can do your chores at home? Are there unattended obligations left?
These are just some of the things you have to be ready for, because implant surgery can take a while to heal.

 Surgical procedures require a down time and a recovery period. This can affect your time for work, family, personal activities and daily activities.

Thus, you have to take the recovery period into consideration before undergoing a breast augmentation procedure. You should also keep in mind that the recovery period plays a crucial role in getting the best possible results.

recovery periodThere is a constant advancement in the procedure, as well as the techniques to shorten the recovery period to the shortest possible. But, the length of a full recovery period, before you can go back to your normal daily activities largely depends on the location of the implant, the size of the implant and the location of the incision.

The submuscular placement requires a week of rest from work and other moderate activities. It will usually take an additional three weeks before you can start lifting. Your doctor will advise no heavy lifting, even after fully recovering from the procedure, while sub-glandular placement only takes at approximately three days or more before you can start working again.

Due to different aesthetic demands, implant sizes widely vary.

The bigger the implant, the more pressure it puts on the pectoral muscle, resulting in a wide-stretched skin. As a result, recovery period will take a bit longer.

normal activitiesSurgeons were also keen on making the incision scars less obvious, and the location of the incisions can also affect the downtime. Incisions made at the bottom crease of the breast require at least two to four weeks before you can resume your normal activities. During this period, you have to avoid lifting up your arms above your head to avoid straining the affected area, and to facilitate faster healing.

After the operation, you do not have to stay in bed for an entire week. Nevertheless, you have to avoid strenuous activities, and this means staying away from stressful office work and heavy chores at home. You have to keep yourself in a relaxed and stress-free environment, so you can heal properly. Most importantly, you have to follow every instruction given by your doctor religiously once you get home.

4. There Are Two Implant Placements

surgeonDepending on your lifestyle and aesthetic needs, your surgeon can either perform a submuscular or sub-glandular implant placement.

Submuscular placement is the more invasive procedure between the two. Apart from the incision on the skin, the surgeon has to create another opening in the pectoral muscle to make room for the implant.

This type of placement is the best option for women who want natural-looking breasts and who do not perform heavy activities that require exerting force with your upper body.

Sub-glandular implants go in the sub-glandular space, just above the pectoralis major muscle. They have many disadvantages and most patients don’t opt for them. They create an overly round, artificial look, and also interfere with mammograms.

5. You Have To Stop Smoking

Stop SmokingIf you are a smoker, you need to stop smoking for weeks or even months before and after the surgical procedure. You should know that smoking increases your risk of complications after the surgery.

Exposure to nicotine causes the blood vessels to constrict, reducing blood flow throughout the body, including the breasts.

Reduced blood flow means less red blood cells and oxygen,which can significantly delay the healing process. It also lessens the amount of white blood cells, making you more susceptible to infection.

6. Your Current Medication Can Make You Susceptible To Complications

MedicationsYou should let your surgeon know about the detailed list of supplements and medications you are taking.

Certain supplements and medications can make you prone to bleeding and capsular contracture.

Therefore, you should stop the intake of certain medicines and supplements well before and after the surgery. In fact, most surgeons require patients to sign a form stating that they completely stopped taking the medications for the recommended duration.

7. Post-Operation Checkups Are Necessary

consultations from your surgeonAfter the procedure, expect follow-up consultations from your surgeon the days after. Your surgeon will check for any signs of hematoma, irritation or infection.

If the indicative signs are absent during follow-up appointments, but start to manifest later, call your doctor right away. The sign of an infection and other serious complications include fever, chest pains and shortness of breath.

8. A Massage Can Prevent The Formation Of Huge Scars

After fully recovering from the procedure, your surgeon may recommend a breast massage to help position the implants and prevent capsular contracture.

Huge Scars
Photo by Pavel Ševela / CC BY-SA

A massage can prevent the thick development of scar tissues that can form around the implants.

The motion, direction and pressure of the massage also depend on the type of incision and placement. You can perform the massage for as long as you have the implants, but be sure not to exert too much pressure in order to avoid trauma.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to enhance your looks and confidence through breast augmentation. Before deciding to undergo it, you should know about the eight things to expect after your breast augmentation.That way, you will not have any unpleasant or unexpected surprises.